Mark Levin: Democrats have been pushing ‘racist' policies 'for decades'

Die “Lewe, Vryheid & Levin” gasheer began by asking what reason President Biden would have to allow for awide open borderwhen it doesn’t help us economically or protect the health and safety of Americans.

Why is a Democrat president and a Democrat congress and Democrat administration supporting wide open borders like no administration in modern American history?” vra hy.


Levin argued that it was because Democrats and their liberal media allies have actually been the ones who have pushed for changing the demographics of America.

"Lewe, Vryheid &versterker; Levin" host Mark Levin

“Lewe, Vryheid &versterker; Levin” host Mark Levin (screenshot)

You will find case, after case, after case, where the Democrat Party leadership and the media say exactly the same thing: ‘The browning or the blacking of America,’ ‘reducing the number of the white population.‘ I have said on my radio show for years. Why do they keep talking like this? I don’t talk like this? Why do they keep talking like this? That’s not the purpose of immigration, to change the complexion of America. What kind of racist nonsense is that?’ Wel, that’s exactly what it is. Now if you raise a finger and say, ‘Wait, what are we doing here?’ Wel, you might be a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi!”

He highlighted history of the immigration policies that Democrat presidents put in place to achieve this, started in the 1960s.

The fact of the matter is, these things are occurring… Democrat after Democrat, whether they are dressed up as journalists or politicians say so, and apparently we’re not allowed to talk about it or be concerned about it,” he stated.

Levin also called out the media for covering for antisemitism within the Democrat Party, and underreporting on the Buffalo shooter’s racist, antisemitic beliefs.

‘The Squadkeeps spreading lies about Jews and about Israel, they did so literally 48 hours after the Buffalo mass murder, and after he says in his so-called manifesto, that the Jews are behind all these things,” the host pointed out.

Verlede week, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and members of “die groep” introduced a bill that would recognize the creation of the state of Israel as acatastrophe.Levin noted how no one in the media or Democrat Party “aan die kaak gestel” this because they approved of it.

The squad and a growing number of Democrats in Congress are antisemites, it’s that simple,” het hy betoog.

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