Mark Levin describes how Biden-Sanders ‘unity platformmimics 1936 Soviet Constitution

Mark Levin describes how Biden-Sanders 'unity platform' mimics 1936 Soviet Constitution

American voters should be very concerned about how closely the 110-page Democraticunity platformresembles the Soviet Union’s 1936 constitution, Mark Levin tells viewers on a special Saturday edition of생명, 자유 & 번갯불“.

The host of the syndicatedMark Levin Showon radio notes that the Soviet constitution was written by and for the government of Joseph Stalin, and warns that the easily drawn parallels should frighten everyone.

The Democrats like to run on on policies that are impractical and impossible, but they sound great. Where do they get this idea from? I’m looking at the 1936 Constitution of the Soviet Union; adopted in December of that year,” Levin begins before reading from several of the documents more than 100 “articles,” including one ensuring the right to a job for every Soviet citizen.

‘The right to work is ensured by the socialist organization of the national economy. The steady growth of the productive forces of Soviet society, the elimination of the possibility of economic crises and the abolition of unemployment,'” he reads. “Sound familiar, AOC?”


Sounds very much like our own Communist Manifesto here [in the U.S., from the Democratic Party],” Levin warns after reading an article laying out nationalized health care andsocial insurance.

He continues: “Article 121 [says that] citizens of the USSR have the right to education. This right is ensured by universal compulsory elementary educationincluding higher education being free of chargeby the system of state stipends,” 그는 계속했다.

Levin adds that Stalin and his governmentdestroyedreligious institutions in a manner predicted by the Soviet constitution’s Article 124:”In order to ensure the citizensfreedom of conscience, the church in the USSR is separated from the state and the school from the church. Freedom of religious worship and freedom of antireligious propaganda is recognized for all citizens, 물론이야,” he reads, adding that the Stalinistsdestroyed churches and they rounded up people because Communism and religion simply don’t mix.


The point, Levin tells viewers, is thatnothing in that constitution was complied with. The opposite was the case: Stalin was a ruthless, vicious Communist dictator who slaughtered tens of millions of people, including his own people.

Our Constitution protects us from this — [과] the 110-page Sanders-Biden manifesto, which is the Soviet Constitution-lite. But it is the same mindset,” he says. “Every aspect of our society in this document is regulated and taxed by a central authority that the Democrats want to control once they dispose of the Supreme Court, once they dispose of the Senate, once they dispose of the right for many of us to have our votes count, once they dispose of parts of the Bill of Rightsthis document, their 110-page document will become more like the Soviet constitution.

The Biden-Sandersunity platforminitiative, made public in July, represents an effort to bring together the more radical elements of the party – those who had supported Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist – along with Biden’s more centrist candidacy. The task force’s mission, according to a statement, is to address six key areas: climate change, criminal justice reform, the economy, 교육, health care and immigration.

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While there is noMedicare-for-All,” which was one of Sanders’ signature proposals, it does call for the establishment of a “high-quality public option planwithout deductiblesadministered by the government, not private companies, with no co-pays, allowing people to enroll in Medicare at 60 instead of 65.

On the immigration front, it would also open up the U.S. to litigation by ordering DHS Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to “undertake a review of the Trump Administration’s immigration policies and provide recommendations for redress.”

폭스 뉴스’ Allie Raffa & Adam Shaw contributed to this report.

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