Mark Levin warns Marxism is here now and in your face

일요일 밤, Levin began his show with a lengthy discussion on the growing discussion of critical race theory in public discourse. At the heart of the discourse, he stated, is Marxism.

Critical race theory is not about learning the history of America. It is not about learning slavery and segregation. It’s not about learning about Neo-Nazis and the Klan. It is about a Marxist movement, invented by the Marxists, Herbert Marcuse, Derek Bell, and many, many others. And it attracts Marxists like Black Lives Matter founders, two or three of them already said they were Marxists. And that’s not a coincidence,” 레빈이 말했다.

He went on to describe in detail other different iterations of this Marxist theory through the Latino/Chicano movement, critical gender theory, and transgenderism as well as the war against capitalism. 본질적으로, all of these movements, according to Levin, boil down tothe white dominant American society must go.


Critical race theory has become the latest 논쟁 that has seeped its way into every government institution from public 학교 ...에 military bases. Critics like Levin previously called out the theory as aneo-racistideology that seeks to dismantle allegedly racist structures such as capitalism and meritocracy.

Various 정치인 have now called for the 금지비판적 인종 이론 being taught in public schools. 그럼에도 불구하고, Levin warns that Marxist beliefs through critical race theory or otherwise are here to stay.

All these forces and more, these are spawned from the notion of Marxism. This is not a passing fad. It’s not liberalism. It’s not ‘oh there’s the old Democrat party.’ No no no. This is here. This is now, and it’s in your face.

궁극적으로, Levin emphasized confronting Marxist thought in every form for what it is: a failed ideology.

Tell me, where on the face of the earth has Marxism worked? Where on the face of the earth has Marxism not ended up in the slaughtering of tens of millions of people? The imprisonment of tens of millions of people? The silencing of hundreds of millions of people? Is that really what we want in the greatest nation on the face of the earth?” 그는 물었다.




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