Mark Levin: What kind of a country are we creating and leaving to our children?

MARK LEVIN: Critical race theory is poison, but it’s more than critical race theory. What’s being done to your children is outrageous. What kind of a country are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren and generations yet born? This movement is across the board, this radical extremist movement. I’ll give you some examples: the debt. Who’s going to pay this debt? We actually have mornic statements coming out of the president and the Democrat party that they’re going to spend trillions in debt, but it doesn’t create debt. In fact, it’s going to help eliminate the debt. This is how stupid they think we are. That’s not true, they want to expand Medicare, which will destroy Medicare. Well, who’s going to pay for that? Your children and your grandchildren. This massive entitlement. 

Education, it’s indoctrination, it’s racism, it’s a radical left agenda. Test scores are going down in every part of this country. What about immigration? A complete lack of assimilation, the borders wide open. You’re going to have tribalism in the years ahead. What kind of country are we leaving our children I would ask the parents of this country. 





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