Mark Richt, college football coaching great, reveals he's battling Parkinson's

Richt, who shared the news on his Twitter, 说他 “decided to tell everyone at the same timeafter people have been asking him what’s wrong as of late.

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I have been waddling around lately,” Richt explained. “Truthfully, I look at it as a momentary light affliction compared to the future glory in heaven. Thank you Jesus for promising us a future blessing of a glorified body that has no sin and no disease. 同时, I am going to enjoy the blessings that I do have. See you on the ACC Network!”

According to the National Institute on Aging, Parkinson’s disease, which is a brain disorder that leads to shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination, is usually common in men around the age of 60 岁.


Richt turned 61 this past February.

Richt, who played quarterback at the University of Miami, started coaching as a graduate assistant at 佛罗里达州 早在 1985. Richt coached Charlie Ward during his run to a Heisman Trophy win in 1993, as the Seminoles won their first-ever national championship that same season.

Richt took over at 佐治亚州 在 2001, where he blossomed as one of the premier head coaches in all of college football. During his tenure with Georgia, he finished with an incredible 145-51 记录, which featured two SEC crowns, six SEC East titles, and seven top-10 finishes. Georgia finished No. 3 在 2002 和不. 2 overall five years later.

After leaving Georgia, Richt took over at his alma mater in 2016. He led the Hurricanes to a 26-13 record over three seasons.