Mark Robinson: Government won't give you the American dream, will give you false hope

MARK ROBINSON: The government cannot give you the American dream. What the government will give you is false hope and that will give you a nightmare. The American dream only comes through hard work, steadfastness and standing up and controlling your own destiny. Not allowing the government to do that but doing it yourself. And what the Biden administration and other leftists’ administrations before him have done or are trying to do to our society is just what you said. It’s absolutely wrong and in fact, in some way, it’s very evil.

Robinson also said that he wasn’t giving Gwen Berry ‘a second thought’ after the athlete protested the national anthem at the Olympic trials in Oregon. 

MARK ROBINSON: I don’t even give her a second thought. … I am not giving her any energy or attention at all. I’m not paying her any attention. That’s what she wants. She wants attention, she’s not going to get it from me. The people that are going to get my attention are the two fabulous young ladies who came in first and second who stood proudly with their hands over their heart, holding the American flag, proud to be Americans, proud to be representing America.


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