Mark Steyn tells Tucker Carlson leftist worldview is all ‘power calculation’

The whole point about the leftist worldview is it doesn’t have to cohere,” 彼は言った. “Because they have the power calculation.

Steyn used Canada as an example, referencing the recent burning of Catholic churches across the North American country. The author explained that a story of this caliber might come out of a Middle Eastern country such as Sudan or Pakistan –- まだ, that Canada hasn’t covered the summer of churches being set ablaze at all.


It’s not a story in Canada,” 彼は言った. “Dozens of churches burned, and it’s not a story. Whereas if you, 例えば, left rashes of Canadian bacon on the step of a Mosque, that would be a story for weeks.

So the leftist worldview is always the power calculation – what belongs to the past, traditional ideas about traditional churches, traditional institutions and what belongs to the rainbow coalition of the future.

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The Canadian native also gave an inside look into his past as a student in England and his journey to the U.S., sharing what he now finds appealing about living in rural America.

If you’re in a town and you don’t like critical race theory, 見て, there’s only 400 adults in the town. You can make a fuss about it,” 彼は言った. “上手, 最初, you can call the guyyou can call the chairman of the school board because he’s in the phone book and tell him you don’t like critical race theory. It’s not like you have to call, ええと, some head office in Washington or in Europe, call the European Union in Brussels. It’s one of your neighbors.

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