マーク・ステイン: Virtue-signaling liberals receive a letter

マーク・ステイン, FOXニュースホスト: Good evening and welcome to a Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. I’m Mark Steyn, in for Tucker, who is taking a quiet fishing weekend, but he will be dropping by momentarily.

China is the number one global power. How did that happen to America?

上手, sometimes you get dealt some tough geopolitical cards as Britain, フランス, スペイン, Portugal could surely all tell us. But sometimes, you just do it to yourself.

This is one of those stories that would have been a rather dull satire a decade ago, but these days, it is just standard operating procedure. From a group called Dallas Justice now, an open letter to wealthy white liberals, 見積もり: “To our white allies, talk is not enough. Commit yourself towards taking action and making sacrifices to correct centuries of injustice. Open up spaces for black and Latinx communities by refusing to send your kids to Ivy League and U.S. News and World Report Top 50 Schools and encourage friends, 隣人, and family members to do the same.

Imagine if those hundreds of thousands of spots of these institutions were occupied only by marginalized communities, imagine the opportunities. We can achieve true equity within our lifetimes, but only if white folks are willing to sacrifice their privileges.

Yes indeed, it’s not enough for you nice white allies just to listen to NPR and giggle at how stupid all the white male doofuses are in tele- commercials nowadays, and admire how that splendid U.S. ladies soccer team is so committed to getting the taking a knee stuff just right that it has given up goal scoring, these are mere gestures. They cost you nothing.

But are you sufficiently all in to take it to the next level of child sacrifice, at least as far as education is concerned. Here is how the pledge goes quote: “As a white person with privilege both from my whiteness and my neighborhood, I recognize the need to make sacrifices for the purpose of correcting hundreds of years of murder, 奴隷制, 差別, and lack of educational and economic opportunities perpetrated upon people of color.

I understand that access to top schools is a key component in economic and social advancement therefore, I commit that my children will not apply to or attend any Ivy League school or U.S. News and World Report Top 50 学校, so that position at that school is available for people of color to help correct historical wrongs.

Don’t be a racist hypocrite. Sign the pledge today.

And just in case you were thinking of tossing it on the pile with the supermarket coupons and the publisher’s clearinghouse, you may already have won postcards, Dallas Justice now adds this warning quote, “Please note, Dallas Justice now will be publicly announcing the names of those who have and have not signed the pledge.

So if you white liberal allies are just thinking you can point your tax deductible donation to the El Paso Festival of Aspiring Rappers, that ain’t going to cut it anymore. The O’Rourke family from Texas tried that to the point where their cute little middle schooler, Beto, never missed an opportunity to excoriate himself.


BETO O’ROURKE (D), FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: As a white man who has had privileges that others could not depend on or take for granted, I’ve clearly had advantages over the course of my life.

The way in which I acknowledge the truth of the criticism that I have enjoyed white privilege, absolutely undeniable.

You’re right, there are things that I have been privileged to do in my life that others cannot.

It is not because I’m a great person or I’m a genius or I figured anything out. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I’m a white man.


STEYN: はい, so did you give up your place at Columbia University, currently third in the nation and let the family pool boy go instead? 番号, Beto went. He majored in skateboarding with a minor in air guitar and wrote his Master’s thesis on social racial self-flagellation as identity politics survival strategy.

If you were a person of color, you might eventually suspect that Beto’s constant confessions of his privilege are simply an easy way for him to maintain it.

In the 19th Century, white guys made the big bucks by being blackface minstrels. In the 20th Century, white guys made the big bucks by doing safe cover versions of black music; そしていま, in the 21st Century, white guys, in this case a white guy who is whiter than any white guy you have seen sinceLeave it to Beaver,” these white guys make the big bucks by telling all the other whites to be less white.

Professor Sam Williams of the wretched Penn State University hosts an utterly worthless class.

PROFESSOR SAM WILLIAMS, PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY: To be less white is to be less oppressive, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant, be more humble, 聴く, 信じる, break with party, and break with white solidarity.


統一された男性: Like I think you know, it’s more or less just recognizing the advantages you have in life whatever that may be and not thinking yourself superior because of that.

ウィリアムズ: What white people would find that offensive?

統一された男性: Conservatives, 私は推測する.

ウィリアムズ: Well what islike what the point it is trying to say?

統一された男性: 知りません. 知りません — I don’t want to get cancelled, so I’m trying to be careful what I say.

ウィリアムズ: Who have you guys oppressed today?

統一された男性: I never oppressed anyone today.

ウィリアムズ: Are you sure of that, dude? You’re breathing. Have you left your house today?

統一された男性: はい.

ウィリアムズ: Okay so you may have oppressed somebody.


STEYN: You may have oppressed somebody just by breathing. What a great country.

America is the only place on Earth where whites can become multi- gazillionaires by declaring that all other whites are [bleep] 穴.


ROBIN DIANGELO, 著者, “WHITE FRAGILITY”: I’ll never forget asking a group, はい, so what if you could just give us feedback on our inevitable and often unaware racist assumptions and behaviors. And I’ll never forget this black man raising his hand and saying, it would be revolutionary.

あなたが知っています, ただ — like just take that in. I just want all the white people to just take that in. Revolutionary that we would receive the feedback with grace, reflect and seek to change our behavior. That’s how difficult we are.

That’s how big a-holes we are.


STEYN: White liberals, don’t forget to pre-order Robin DiAngelo’s forthcoming book, “Why you’re a pathetic racist [bleep] hole and buying this book isn’t going to change that.

そう, Dallas Justice now has correctly, if very belatedly, grasped that the white liberals tedious pantomime of fake civilizational disavowal and pseudo self-loathing isn’t getting them anywhere, and they are demanding that the O’Rourke family actually foreswear Columbia University and his fellow Texas liberals do likewise. They are absolutely right. This is win- 勝つ.

Your kid will learn just as much a dead buzzard junction community college, 上手, except for the basket weaving and puppetry, which is harder than it looks at least when compared to Transgender and Colonialism Studies.

But Dallas Justice now is not going far enough. They should be publicly calling on Columbia and Harvard and Princeton to give away their blood- soaked endowments to Historically Black Colleges, better yet skip that, ship it straight to Africa, give it to the Robert Mugabe School of Public Integrity in Bulawayo.

その間, back in the real world, courtesy of the official government statistics. This is the most recent year available, 2019, because last year kids paid 50 grand a year for the occasional Zoom call, so who knows how the 2020 stats will shake out. But just for the record, the percentage of 18 to 24-year-olds enrolled in college by race: whites, 41 パーセント; blacks, 37 パーセント.

That would be margin of error territory if we were discussing whether Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney was ahead in the latest Iowa Caucus poll. Asians come top at 62 パーセント, but unless you’re a white fifth grader getting his butt kicked in the county Mathletes competition, you can’t mention that. In second place at 47 percent are persons of two or more races.

そう, these liberal progressive racial justice types might want to call for the reintroduction of — ああ, what’s that word that Democrat states use — ああ, yes Miscegenation Laws.

And in third place, ところで, で 43 percent are Pacific Islanders, because we all know that wherever you turn in American life, all the guys running everything, the CEOs, the University Presidents, the studio heads are all Samoan and Palauan.

Social justice warriors, instead of complaining about microaggressions, should be complaining about Micronesian aggressions.

I said back in the real world, but in the real, real world, that’s to say the rest of the planet, education isn’t supposed to be about raising already excessively high levels of self-esteem to nuclear strength, but about boring stuff like Arithmetic, Literature, Physics, how are we doing there?

According to the O.E.C.D., in Math, China is number one. ワオ, there’s a surprise. China number one, and America let me see here — エストニア, Slovenia, Slovakia. Can you stroll scroll it down a bit? ああ, here we are, 数 37, the United States just ahead of basket case, ベラルーシ.

Maybe all the upscale white liberals in Dallas should just agree to send their kids to schools in Belarus, same results, but a lot cheaper even with the cost of the plane tickets.

To go back to those government statistics, 43 percent of Pacific Islanders, 41 percent of whites, 37 percent of blacks are in college. Those numbers are all way too high because most of those quote-unquote “学生” are not learning anything worth knowing. そう, staying in school until grade 28, grade 37 is a waste of life.

毎年, China graduates getting close to 10 times more STEM students than America does because STEM is difficult and doing Classics at Princeton where you no longer need to know Latin and Greek, or English at Yale where you no longer need to know Shakespeare isn’t difficult at all.

Chinese educators think Math is important. American educators think Math is racist. It’s not hard to see where this ends.

We’re always delighted to have Candace Owens, のホスト “キャンディス” on our airwaves, and she joins us now.

What do you make of this move to sacrifice your children’s education, キャンディス?

キャンディス・オーウェンズ, POLITICAL MENTATOR: It is just becoming increasingly more bizarre. 何よりもまず, the self-flagellation that goes on in these communities and what pretty much sums up Beto O’Rourke who seems to be a political masochist, but then when you talk about what they are actually calling for, it’s interesting because you could identify this as the bigotry of low expectations.

They are saying that black Americans aren’t smart enough to get into these schools by their own merit, 正しい, so there’s that going on, but here’s what’s more interesting. It’s worse than the bigotry of low expectations, just the bigotry of no expectations in reality because we already have affirmative action.

We haven’t done away with affirmative action, so they are already more likely to give a spot in a school to a black American who has grades that are lower than a white American. That already exists and they are saying, that’s not even enough, 正しい? We need to just remove white people from the school.

そしてもちろん, 明らかに, I’ll point to the obvious, which is that they never think through any of their policies long term because it makes no sense. What you’re saying is, make sure these white people cannot go into any Ivy League schools. はい, well then there are not going to be Ivy League schools anymore, 正しい?

If you’re saying now you just want to make sure everybody there has brown skin and you know fully well that Asian-Americans, ええと, are ranking at the top of their classes and it’s not white Americans, then what you’re really saying is that you’re just going to reverse and change it around, make the schools that are lower are going to have the smarter kids and then you’re going to have the places like Harvard and Columbia are not going to have the brightest kids.

そう, this doesn’t even make sense long term, ええと, so it’s just such foolishness and you’re right to point out to the fact that as we’re focused on this woke learning, the countries that are looking to take us over in the East are advancing.

They are not focused on this type of academic learning or non-academic learning is what I should say.

STEYN: 絶対に, that’s the right word. How long — というのは, I am not sure there’s a delicate way to put this, キャンディス, but there’s a contradiction, isn’t there? Because we’re told incessantly, America is the most racist place on Earth, historically racist, racist for centuries. It will require at least half a millennium to get the racism out of the system.

それでもまだ, whenever you see any news stories from the southern border, there are Ghanaians, there are Gambians, there people from majority black countries all trying to flee, all trying to break into the most racist nation on Earth. What’s the deal with that?

OWENS: 正しい. It seems increasingly bizarre, and listen I’ll give them credit. America with liberals and progresses at the helm of it is certainly becoming an increasingly more systematically racist country. That’s what they want. That’s what they’re asking for.

That’s exactly what this open letter is demanding, we want more systemic racism. We want people to focus on skin color and make sure people are segregated according to their skin color. They want every action in this country to be informed by the color people’s skin.

というのは, just look at that, what you just showed, that montage of Beto talking about his white privilege. You know what I hear when a white person looks at me and says, “I have privilege because I’m white,” that’s racist.

You’re saying to me, キャンディス, you’re a black girl so you don’t understand. I’m better than you in this society. That’s the very definition of racism, and that’s exactly what wokeism is. It’s not even a close cousin to racism, it is it by a different name.

STEYN: 上手, that’s very well put, キャンディス, and you’re right. The element of racial condescension when Beto says that to you.

Thank you as always, キャンディスオーウェンズ.

You know the name of the show, TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. 上手, it’s tonight, so where is Tucker Carlson? I’ll tell you where he is. He is going to be right here in just a few moments. That’s up next.


STEYN: Welcome back to a Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

元米国. Senator Barbara Boxer was robbed in broad daylight earlier today in Oakland, カリフォルニア. She was in a neighborhood called Jack London Square, named after the famous author. It is on the city’s waterfront when her attacker pushed her in the back, stole her telephone, and escaped in a waiting car.

ありがたいことに, the former senator was not seriously injured. I was in a rather curious three-way crush with her and Strom Thurmond at the lastthe Clinton impeachment trial. But it is worth noting that just a few weeks ago, the City of Oakland voted to defund the police and strip more than $ 17 million from the police budget.

Crime is up because of it, and that’s going to affect a lot of people in Oakland up to and including United States senators.

Douglas Murray is an author, a public intellectual. He is one of the smartest people we know. He is one of the bravest people that I know and I’ve known him a long time, and he was also the first ever guest to appear onTucker Carlson Today.

We received so much good feedback and fan mail about that interview that Tucker recently sat down with him again for a brand new episode. これを聞いてください.


ダグラス・マレー, 著者: What I saw was something I think a lot of people who are conservative have seen before which is that I wasI liked the civilization I came from. I loved it. I wanted it to continue.

私は思った, it had all sorts of wonderful nurturing things that I wanted other people to have access to as well.

I didn’t want to tear down my society, I wanted to keep it up and that is the conservative instinct, and I realize I had it even as a lot of my contemporaries, many of whom were from far more privileged backgrounds than myself thought that they should tear down their society and radically alter it.

And I just didn’t share that view and gradually, came to the realization that yes, this was an unusual position I held, but it was correct.

タッカーカールソン, FOXニュースホスト: そう, it sounds like you were acting out of instinct.

MURRAY: はい, it was instinct. というのは, you get it at certain points in your life. A great influence friend of mine, the late Roger Scruton once described to me that his realization he was a conservative came in Paris in 1968 when he saw these middle class students throwing bricks at working- class policemen, and realized that he wanted Paris like London to continue. He didn’t want to tear it down.

And I had a similar perhaps, less dramatic, steadier realization of a similar instinct in my adolescence, 私は考えます. I didn’t want to destroy the society. I thought thatI thought it could be improved, but it had to continue. I didn’t think that the other things on offer were better.

I didn’t think the dreams of the radical left sounded good to me. I didn’t likevery basic, I mean these are instinct things as you know.

But I didn’t like the idea of everyone being the same. I just thought it was a boring view of society.

I didn’t want us all to live in the same houses or have the same gardens or have the same views.

カールソン: You were for diversity before being for diversity was cool.

MURRAY: はい, and before I even knew it, and I didn’t want everyone to have the same views and to have to read the same books, and to like the same things. I thought that difference was a wonderful thing and that didn’t mean that unfairness wouldn’t exist or should be celebrated, but yes, I didn’t like the offer that I always saw the left as holding out to me, at a very instinctive level.

そう, I accidentally became a conservative.

カールソン: I think you have unusual clarity. You can see things very clearly as they happen and that’s obviously the first step to improving things, とに — and you also seem to have a balanced life in the middle of this maelstrom.

MURRAY: 上手, we have to balance our lives, don’t we? というのは, we all know people who have gone mad in recent years.

Some of us, people quite close to us and mainly it’s because we’ve lost perspective. We’ve lost perspective on what matters. We’ve lost perspective on how to view things, of correctto correct perspective to look at life. We’ve lost a lot and we have to regain it.

I don’t think the things once lost are impossible to regain. というのは, ええと, we live in this era where we imagine that we can know anything because we can Google it, but we’ve lost wisdom, we’ve lost knowledge, we’ve lost experience, we’ve lost perspective, and we have to find a way to get back to that.

I think one way back to it is to admire it and to seek to get it back, to admire people who know things we don’t know. というのは, that’s one of the things we’ve completely lost, isn’t it in our era? Everybody thinks they know everything, and can lecture everyone else because of that.

カールソン: Are you surprised by the ignorance on display?

MURRAY: ああ, というのは, American ignorance is just heroic.

カールソン: American ignorance is heroic.

MURRAY: というのは, ええと, I’ve spent all my life as an admirer of America. I have great friends, and from the moment I first came to this country in my teenage years, I just loved and admired it.

カールソン: はい.

MURRAY: But my God, it’s gone wrong. というのは, we’re now at this stage where countries like my own country of birth, Great Britain are actually having to try to cut ourselves off from American influence. You know that’s how bad American influence has become.

フランス人, あなたが知っているように, the French are trying to cut themselves off from it. The President of France had to recently say, we can’t have these American imports of ideas. The French AcademyFrench academics are saying we can’t allow this American import in. What is the import? It’s stupidity. It is evangelical stupidity of

カールソン: I don’t know why I’m laughing, it’s so awful.

MURRAY: それはひどいです.

カールソン: But it’s true.

MURRAY: It’s terrible and I mean, 私は願います, you know your viewers understand I’m saying this as a friend, an admirer, and I don’t say it because I hate America, I say it because I love America. I wish it could do better. 私はただ — I just fear this ignorance and this this lack of desire to get perspective on things and to have humilityintellectual humility.

All I hear is these awful products of the American academy berating everyone else about things, and knowing so little. It’s worrying.

American culture is currently ripping through the rest of the world and I don’t think that it works in America and it certainly doesn’t work elsewhere.


STEYN: 知りません, hoity-toity foreigners telling you what’s wrong with your country. What’s up with that? I’m just kidding, ダグラス.

That conversation went on for about an hour and you can see it on the brand new episode of “タッカーカールソン今日” at foxnation.com.

We told you all about Hunter Biden’s art on Friday’s show, and now we’re learning how exactly that art is being sold and who Hunter Biden is quote, “working with.That’s next as this Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT continues.


STEYN: Welcome back to a Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.

Until a couple of weeks ago, Hunter Biden had never sold a painting. 今, he is outselling Picasso, Degas, Renoir, but who is helping the Caravaggio of crackheads to sell his work?

FOX’s Matt Finn is on the case. どうしたの, マット?

MATT FINN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: マーク, the art dealer representing Hunter Biden has long-standing ties to China and that could pose a problem for the President’s son who is venturing into the art world. Buyers with connections to the Chinese Communist Party could attempt to buy influence in the Biden administration by purchasing Hunter Biden’s art.

George Berges is currently representing Hunter Biden, and Berges has talked about his business dealings with China in the past and in an interview toldResidentMagazine, 見積もり: “My plan is to be the lead guy in China, the lead collector and art dealer discovering and nurturing talent from that region. I plan to find and discover and bring to the rest of the world those I consider China’s next generation of modern artists.

A representative for Berges previously told FOX News that Hunter Biden’s art sales will be kept confidential. Berges also previously said that he travels to China three or four times a year and has a solid group of about 25 overseas collectors.

Berges said he believes China’s economy is transforming the global economy and everything is changing because of a rising China.

Representatives for Berges and Biden did not return FOX News’s request for comments. The White House also did not give a comment to FOX News — マーク.

STEYN: そう, Hunter’s dealer is a big art dealer in China. 上手, there is a surprise. ありがとうございました. Thank you for that, マット.

It wasn’t long ago that the brave pilgrims in the Dallas Democratic Party abandoned their state and fled to Washington, D.C. on private airplanes. They didn’t bring anything with them, just a few cases of Miller Lite, and a few cases of the coronavirus. 今, these brave pilgrims are requesting care packages from Texans back home.

The Dallas Democrat revolutionaries wrote this on Twitter on Sunday: “Our Dems in D.C. said they’d appreciate care packages from home. 前 5:00 午後. 火曜日, we’re collecting Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy, hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and/or money to pay shipping.Because apparently, they don’t have Dr. Pepper and toilet paper in the national capital. I can well believe that.

Clay Travis hostsThe Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Showon hundreds of stations around the country and he joins us now. 粘土, have you prepared your care package for these plucky Democrats?

クレイ・トラヴィス, ホスト, “THE CLAY TRAVIS AND BUCK SEXTON SHOW”: あのね, マーク, I think it would be fantastic if Republicans sent a lot of care packages and maybe included in that the Constitution of the United States as a nice parting gift.

見て, I went to college in Washington, D.C. Best I remember, it’s pretty easy to walk outside. There’s a CVS on every corner.

The idea that these taxpayer-funded politicians would be also requesting for taxpayers to provide them free gear is vintage Democrats in 2021, and it reminds me a little bitI had a couple of kids going away to sleep away camp here during the summer, we sent them care packages. I didn’t think that the Democrats would have the same list of demands as my 10-year- old, but go figure. They have the exact same request, and they are just as pathetic as you would imagine for grown adults asking for handouts, but it perfectly fits the modern day Democratic Party.

STEYN: Did you fly your 10-year-old to summer camp though on a private plane? Because I can accept that, ええと, there were some people who would fly on private planes and there were some people who need care packages, but they’re not usually the same group of people.

トラヴィス: はい, they don’t overlap a lot and no, we drove him to his summer camp, and by the way dropped off the care package when we dropped him off and he thought it was pretty cool to get a care package. I’m sure there’s lots of parents and grandparents who have done that for their kids, but if you start requesting a care package and you are an elected official and a politician, it is a pretty big indictment of your decision making.

And oh by the way, as you pointed out, the private plane and the fact that they could return home at any point in time, all of this is just conspiring to make the Texas Democrats look even more ridiculous than they already did and I didn’t think that was possible.

STEYN: ええと, people are always saying when Republicans do things, ああ, this is going to be a super spreader event. It’s totally irresponsible, grossly irresponsible.

実際, this Texas Democrats seem to be the most compressed super spreader event in the country. Is this strategy working for them, 粘土?

トラヴィス: 番号, because not only are they super spreading COVID, they are super spreading stupidity and that is a bad combination, マーク, to be bringing both to our nation’s capital where certainly stupidity has been super spreading throughout the Democratic Caucus for a very long time ever since they got woke and started to go broke on ideas.

STEYN: はい, nobody needs more stupidity in Washington. They’ve got a surplus of that.

クレイ・トラヴィス, どうもありがとうございました.

トラヴィス: No doubt.

STEYN: More illegal migrants are streaming across the southern border than ever before. We’ve got some shocking new video that shows exactly who these guys are and where they’re coming from, and it’s not where you’d think. That’s straight ahead on this Special Live Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.


STEYN: A new forecast by Princeton Policy Advisers projects that more than 1.8 million illegal immigrants will stream across the southern border this year. That would make this the worst year in the recorded history of the United States. If you live in a small state, that’s the equivalent of three Vermonts or three Wyomings coming across the border in the course of a year, so who are all these migrants?

FOX’s Bill Melugin is at the border and he just shot this footage of some of those coming in through Del Rio, テキサス.


BILL MELUGIN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Sunday morning in Del Rio, テキサス, a large line of single adult men, mostly Haitians, are walked through the border fence by Border Patrol and taken into custody. They are part of a massive group of more than 350 that showed up here, one of the biggest groups we have ever seen.

The migrants coming from all around the world, mostly Haitians, some Cubans and Brazilians, even some from Africa.

Exclusive video to FOX News shows the groups of migrants as they cross the Rio Grande early this morning from Mexico. The migrants wait hours to be picked up by an overwhelmed and overstretched Border Patrol, all of them eventually loaded into Border Patrol buses and vans and taken away to processing centers.

For these Federal agents, this is repeated over and over every day with no end in sight.


STEYN: Bill Melugin there.

Victor Davis Hanson is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

Victor, open borders in a pandemic. Why is the government doing this to the American people?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: 知りません, マーク. It seems like it’s bizarre. というのは, it’s almost like as if we’re providing shuttle service at an airport or something and shuttling them at their convenience when they are breakingthe first thing they’ve done is break our law, the second thing by entering. The second thing will be residing breaking our law.

And it’s beyond the politics of demography and the democratic effort to change the American Southwest demography. というのは, it’s so nihilistic, it’s so full of anarchy and chaos. It is sheer madness because as you say, Xavier Becerra is telling people, we’re going to go door to door to ensure that you’re vaccinated. 博士. Fauci is saying, you can be vaccinated, but you have to have a mask indoorsand we’re welcoming two million almost people who will apparently we’re not going to ask if they’re vaccinated or if they’ve been tested. We don’t care at all.

And it doesn’t make any sense, and then we’re talking about refugees. Refugeesbut most of them are economic refugees. They are not political, and yet we do have real political refugees, 正しい, 90 それはすべて無料です, who are victims of political persecution and we’re told that nobody from Cuba can come. And if you dare come, we’ll turn you away.

というのは, we have coasts that are patrolled by the Coast Guard. We have our northern border, we don’t do this with Canada. But why this? It doesn’t make any sense.

This is a top-down phenomenon. This is elites doing this and the media and politics in the minority communityelite minority community, it’s not a grassroots phenomenon. People are not saying, お願いします, open that border and we know that they are never going to be subject to the consequences of their own ideology. These people are notthey’re going to be dispersed in communities all over the United States, but they’re not going to go to Malibu, they’re not going to go to Nancy Pelosi’s Napa area.

They are not going to use the vacant dorm rooms they could maybe at Stanford or Yale or Harvard over the summer, not in the Upper West Side, so finally you know, マーク, the President of the United States takes an oath to faithfully execute the laws of the United States as his duty as President and we’ve impeached the President for a phone call.

And under that low bar, the new low bar of impeachment, what do we do with the President who says to the American people, I’m not going to enforce the laws that I took an oath to faithfully execute. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s madness.

STEYN: That is an absolutely excellent point there, Victor, about the impeachment possibilities here, which I wouldn’t be in favor of, except that I think when you dissolve the southern border, in a certain sense you also dissolve American citizenship and national sovereignty. そう, 多分, we should think about that.

ヴィクターデービスハンソン, いつものように, plenty to think about there. Thank you very much for joining us tonight.

There are new indications from the men around Joe Biden that millions of Americans could soon lose their right to eat dinner at a restaurant or board an airplane. That’s next on TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT.


STEYN: Welcome back to a Live Special Edition of TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. The Biden administration announced Federal vaccine mandates today starting with all employees of the Departments of Veterans Affairs. California Governor Gavin Newsom quickly followed suit with a mandate for his state employees. What’s interesting is that just a few months ago, Joe Biden vowed that there would never be any vaccine mandates.

“ジョー・バイデン: COVID vaccination in U.S. will not be mandatory,” read one December headline on the BBC. 今, that’s all changed. 以上のものがあります 2.5 million workers in California who could be affected by this mandate and well over two million Federal government employees, nationally. All of them could soon be forced to take a vaccine that has only been approved for emergency use.

It is not hard to see where this is going. France’s National Assembly just approved a law today mandating that everyone will need a special vaccine Health Pass or else they can’t go to restaurants or use public transit or even go up the Eiffel Tower, meanwhile Italy’s government has just announced the so-called Green Pass with the same restrictions.

In Australia where very few people have been vaccinated, the government has nevertheless announced that vaccine passports will be instituted by October.

Most people are not happy about this. ほぼ 200,000 people marched against these vaccine passports in France Italy, and Australia over recent days, but the people in charge don’t care. COVID has made a lot of elite government officials very powerful, and it is clear, after a year and a half that they are in no hurry to give up that power.

There are new reports that China is building more facilities similar to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the COVID-19 almost certainly originated.

Steven Mosher is the author ofThe Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemicswhich will be coming out next March, I think it is, and you are going to need that because we are never going to be out of these pandemics.

Steven, what’s up with this? The Wuhan Institute did such a cracking job that the Chinese would like to have more of them now to reach the two or three countries that they didn’t manage to afflict with the Wuhan thing.

STEVEN MOSHER, 大統領, POPULATION RESEARCH INSTITUTE : はい. I’m actually more worried about the building of P4 labs in China than I am say about China’s nuclear weapons because obviously, this is a bio weapon like the one that was released on the world. It has plausible deniability.

You can always say, no it came from nature. 上手, we know that China has been lying from the beginning. For goodness sake, they told all these silly stories about it coming from a wet market, from a bat, from a pangolin, from something called a raccoon dog, and then they are telling the story now, Mark that it came from the U.S. Army’s bioweapons laboratoriesactually bio-laboratories, I should say shouldn’t say bioweaponsat Fort Detrick, メリーランド.

And how did he get to China? 上手, they say that the U.S. Army athlete/soldiers came over during the World Military Games in October of 2019 and secretly spread it throughout the Chinese population. They call it in china now the American virus.

あなたが知っています, from studying leftist propaganda techniques over the years, the leftists always accuse you of doing precisely what they are doing.

今, we’ve got a lot of circumstantial evidence. We’ve had it from the beginning about the lab, you know being the source of it. We’ve got some smoking guns now.

STEYN: はい, that’s interesting. We’re not allowed to call it the China virus, but they’re allowed to call it the American virus. What a fantastic world we live in.

Are you entirely convinced these highly convenient variants that crop up now every couple of weeks, the old delta variant, the epsilon variant is coming soon, I expect. Are you entirely convinced that the Chinese don’t have a hand in some of these mutations?

MOSHER: 番号, I think smoking guns are abundant now. We have a smoking gun in the original coronavirus. We know that there was an unusual insertion of what’s called a double CGG codon, which codes for arginine and what that does, it enhances the lethality, the dangerousness of a coronavirus. It is found in the virus that was released from China, it is not found in any coronaviruses in nature. There is a smoking gun.

Then we’ve got a 2016-2015 book from China where the Chinese military scientists talk about the new era of bioweapons and they talk specifically about taking a coronavirus and engineering it to make it lethal to human beings weaponizing it and then release it on the world.

Does all that sound very familiar? It certainly does sound familiar to me.

STEYN: It certainly does, Steven. Thanks for bringing us up to speed on that.

If you like the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they are building another three of them.

That is about it for us tonight. Don’t forget that brand new episode of “タッカーカールソン今日” right now on foxnation.com with uh Douglas Murray.

The man himself, タッカー, is going to be back tomorrow at 8:00 午後. 東部.

Have a great evening. You’re in the best of hands, Sean Hannity right now.

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