'Marrying Millions' star Bill Hutchinson sued over allegations he repeatedly sexually assaulted teenage girl

17歳になった父親が月曜日に起こした訴訟, JaneDoeとしてのみ識別されます 2, alleges the 63-year-old reality star met and became friends with two 15-year-old girls who were living with Hutchinson at his home in Highland Park, テキサス.

One of the girls is said to be the daughter of an ex-wife of the “億万長者と結婚” star while Hutchison was the legal guardian of the other young girl, according to the docs obtained by Fox News.

The friendship Jane Doe 2 struck with the two girls allowed her to be present at Hutchinson’s home or with Hutchinson on aregular and frequent basis, including for meals, sleepovers, and luxury vacations,” a press release from the accuser’s attorney claims.

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‘Marrying Millions’ star Bill Hutchison is beinfn sued by a minor who claims he repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

‘Marrying Millions’ star Bill Hutchison is beinfn sued by a minor who claims he repeatedly sexually assaulted her. (一生)

加えて, the lawsuit states that the parents of the accuser ended up relocating from Highland Park to Ft. 価値, Texas and she instead elected to move in with Hutchinson’s family in order to remain in the same school district.

The complaint also names Hutchinson’s development company, Dunhill Partners, 株式会社. and Virgin Hotels Dallas LLC.

「億万長者と結婚’ 性的暴行で起訴されたスタービルハッチンソン, BATTERING TEENS

Per the 15-page filing, ジェーン・ドウ 2 often traveled with Hutchinson and the other girls to his homes in Miami, フラ。, ラグナビーチ, カリフォルニア, and a resort in Arizona – and claims that during said trips Hutchinsonsuppliedthe girls with alcohol and marijuana.

The alleged sexual assaults of Jane Doe 2 allegedly began between April 1 と4月 5, 2021, at Hutchinson’s home in Laguna Beach and are said to have continued for a two-month period in Laguna Beach and in Highland Park, Texas until she reported the alleged acts to the police in May 2021.


ハイランドパーク安全局 (ハイランドパーク安全局)

7月に, Hutchinson was charged in a separate case in Orange County, カリフォルニア, with one felony count of rape of an unconscious person as well as five misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. 彼 無罪を主張した.


彼はまただった 充電された in another case with one count of sexual assault in Texas, which the state classifies as a second-degree felony.

“この街で私を知っている人なら誰でも、私が暴行できないことを知っています, 性的またはその他,” 彼が言った The Dallas Morning News at the time. Hopefully all of my colleagues and friends will give me the benefit of the doubt until I prove my innocence in court.

ビル・ハッチンソンは現在、彼の「億万長者と結婚」の共演者と婚約しています。, 23-1歳のブリアナラミレス.

ビルハッチンソンは現在、彼の「億万長者と結婚」に従事しています’ 共演, 23-1歳のブリアナラミレス. (一生)

その間, the attorney for Hutchinson’s accuser on Monday, John Manly, claims in the filing that Hutchinson’s businesses aided in his alleged assaults through the use of his company travel accounts and company properties. The accuser is seeking $ 1 million in damages from the TV star.


Bill Hutchinson is credibly accused by multiple law enforcement agencies of sexually abusing young teens,” Manly said in a statement. “He used his money, power and businesses, including his ‘Virgin’ hotel partnership in Dallas, to groom his victims.

We intend to hold him and all who enabled him to account including the Virgin Hotel,” added Manly.

Virgin Hotels was previously named in another one of Hutchinson’s lawsuits, そしてその時, a rep for the company told Fox News: “Virgin Hotels takes any allegations of this type extremely seriously. 氏. Hutchinson is one of several investors in Virgin Hotels Dallas and has now agreed to step away from his role in the hotel ownership group. He will no longer be involved in any capacity with Virgin Hotels Dallas. Given that this is an active investigation we cannot comment further.

Hutchinson potentially faces nearly a decade behind bars if convicted on the previous charges.

Reps for Hutchinson, Dunhill Partners, 株式会社. and Virgin Hotels Dallas LLC. did not immediately respond to Fox News’ コメントのリクエスト.

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