Mary Mara,

Mary Mara, an actress known for roles on “이다” 과 “Ray Donavan,” 사망했다, her manager, Craig Dorfman, said in a statement to CNN. 그녀는 61.

Mary was one of the finest actresses I ever met,” Dorfman said. “I still remember seeing her onstage in 1992 in ‘Mad Forestoff Broadway. She was electric, 재미있는, and a true individual. Everyone loved her. She will be missed.
에 따르면 a press release from New York State Police, officers responded to a call on Sunday around 8:10 오전. local time for apossible drowning.Troopers and Cape Vincent Fire and Ambulance arrived on the scene anddiscovered a female deceased in the St. Lawrence River,” 릴리스 말했다.
    The preliminary investigation suggests the victim drowned while swimming,” 경찰에 따르면.
      There were no signs of foul play, police added in their statement. The Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office is expected to perform an autopsy to determine an official cause of death, 경찰에 따르면.
          Mara had a list of credits that spanned television and film, including multi-episode roles on shows like “덱스터,” “The Practice” 과 “스타 트렉: Enterprise.She was arguably most recognizable for her roles onNash Bridges,” “이다” 과 “Ray Donovan.
          Mara’s film credits included “씨. Saturday Night” 과 “Love Potion #9.″ Her last credit was for the 2020 필름, “Break Even.




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