Carjackers가 훔친 메릴랜드 배달 기사 총구에 잡혀 100 패키지: 경찰

Carjackers가 훔친 메릴랜드 배달 기사 총구에 잡혀 100 패키지: 경찰

Authorities in 메릴랜드 are investigating the armed carjacking of a truck carrying more than 100 packages and the temporary abduction of two delivery workers 목요일 아침.

The victims, residents of Washington D.C. and Forestville, Md., were traveling in Prince George’s County inside a Freightliner box truck delivering packages across the state at the time of the crime, the Maryland State Police said.

주위에 5 오전, the truck was exiting onto the inner loop of Interstate 495 from Interstate 95 South when they were forced off the road by what was described as a Dodge Durango and a black Mercedes sedan.

Five menat least two were armedthen forced the two workers out of the truck, 당국은 말했다. The packages inside were unloaded and the victims were released along with the truck.

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They drove to Washington D.C. and reported the crime in College Park, Md.

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