Maryland man sentenced to 1 year in jail for holding large parties, violating state's Covid-19 rules

A Maryland man was sentenced to a year in jail for holding two large parties and violating the state’s order against large gatherings, according to the Charles County state’s attorney’s office.

Shawn Marshall Myers, 42, was arrested after holding the parties in late March. Maryland’s Covid-19 social distancing rules banned gatherings of more than 10 사람들, according to the office of Gov. 래리 호건.
Myers was convicted Friday of two counts of failure to comply with an emergency order and will serve his one-year sentence at the Charles County Detention Center, the state’s attorney’s office said in a press release.
Myers’ 변호사, Hammad S. Matin, did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment.
    After being confronted by law enforcement at his home in Hughesville, 메릴랜드, 3 월 22, Myers agreed to disband the first gathering of about 50 사람들, after initially beingargumentativewith officers, the state’s attorney’s office said.
    Myers held a second party with more than 50 people only five days later, 그러나, which he refused to end, 검사에 따르면.
    Officers told Myers to disband the party, but again he was argumentative claiming he and his guests had the right to congregate,” the release stated. “Beyond being argumentative, Myers directed his guests to stay in defiance of Governor Hogan’s Orders and the officerslawful orders to disband the party.
    Myers was taken into custody after officers were unable to obtain his cooperation, 검사는 말했다.
    District Court Judge W. Louis Hennessy also sentenced Myers to three years of unsupervised probation upon his release and ordered him to pay a $ 5,000 좋아, 릴리스에 따라.
      CNN has also reached out to the Charles County Health Department on whether any Covid-19 cases in the county can be traced to the gatherings that Myers hosted.
      Maryland currently has 122,972 Covid-19 cases and 3,935 사망자, 에 따르면 Johns Hopkins University’s Covid-19 tracking project.

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