Ya no se requieren máscaras en el piso de la casa, después de la indignación republicana por el requisito continuo

Se informa a Fox News que la disminución de la transmisión comunitaria y el aumento en la tasa de vacunación desencadenaron esta decisión..

La tasa general de vacunación para el complejo Capitol es 85%, higher than that of the general public, Fox is told. Members who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear a mask.

Members will also no longer vote in groups, and each vote will only last 20 minutos.


Republicans had previously staged protests over the continued mask requirement, despite a change in Centers for Disease Control (Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades) guidance on May 13 that said vaccinated individuals did not need to wear masks in most public settings.

Four GOP members were fined $ 500 each for refusing to wear a mask on the floor. Seven other fellow Republican members of Congress were issued warnings: Repeticiones. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Chip Roy of Texas, Bob Good of Virginia, Mary Miller of Illinois and Louie Gohmert of Texas. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the next fine could be $ 2,500.


mientras tanto, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., authored a resolution demanding the House comply with CDC guidelines and allow members to be unmasked on the floor and in committee hearings. The GOP-backed effort says the Housemask mandate sends the erroneous messages that the efficacy of the vaccines cannot be trusted.

mientras tanto, there never was a mask rule in the Senate chamber.

Monahan had stood by the House floor mask mandate as entirely consistent with CDC guidelines andendorsed by an expert CDC panel,” Monahan wrote in a statement at the time. The House chamber mask requirement will remain unchangeduntil all Members and floor staff are fully vaccinated,” él dijo.

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