Massachusetts trooper fired after using racial slurs during confrontation with motorist, los funcionarios dicen

A Massachusetts state trooper has been fired after using racial slurs during an off-duty encounter with a motorist, authorities said in a statement.

The unidentified male trooper exhibitedunacceptable conductduring the weekend confrontation with the motorist in Revere, just outside Boston, Massachusetts State Police said. He was terminated Tuesday, los funcionarios dijeron.
State police did not identify the race of the trooper and motorist, and it’s unclear what slurs were allegedly used by the trooper. Spokesman Dave Procopio told CNN on Wednesday that details were being withheld because of an ongoing investigation and information being sent to the state’s attorney general.
I am disgusted and disappointed by the conduct that occurred, which is the antithesis of the standards of conduct and personal behavior we expect and demand of our members,” Columna. Christopher Mason said in a statement.
    This subject is not fit to wear the badge or call themselves a member of the Department,” the state police superintendent said.
    Officials would not disclose further details of the incident, saying only that it took place on Revere Beach Boulevard after the trooperapproached a male in a stationary vehicle.
    CNN reached out to the State Police Association of Massachusetts.
    The trooper was part of a recruit training group that graduated earlier this year in May. Authorities said that he was under a one-year probationary period and assigned to the Danvers Barracks.
      The superintendent is referring information about the incident to the attorney general’s office for a review for potential civil rights violations or criminal conduct.
      Gobernador. Charlie Baker appointed Mason to the post in November 2019. The superintendent said then he would focus on accountability and conduct, con un eye on increasing diversity in the ranks.

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