Massive shark terrifies passengers as it circles boat in the Atlantic Ocean

A video of a massive shark circling a boat full of tourists recently went viral on social media. 在镜头中, the shark clearly appears to be much larger than a full-size person and causes several passengers on the boat to yell in either awe or terror.


Sailed six weeks in the atlantic saw this big f—— 鲨鱼

♬原始声音 – Alex Albrecht

The footage was uploaded to TikTok by Alex Albrecht, who wrote that he had been sailing in the Atlantic for six weeks when he saw the large animal in the water. Since it was uploaded earlier this week, 该视频已被查看 37.9 万次.


The shark apparently drew a large crowd and multiple people can be heard exclaimingoh my godor other phrases in response to the massive creature. The shark, 与此同时, briefly circles the boat before the footage cuts off.

根据 太阳, the boat was a cruise ship and was full of tourists at the time.

Fortunately for everyone, several commenters on TikTok were able to identify the animal as a basking shark. While they are quite large, they’re also generally harmless to humans and instead feed on smaller fish in the water.

This type of shark is considered to be the second-largest fish in the world, Oceana 报告. They can grow to about 40-feet-long and, while they spend a lot of time near the surface of the ocean, feeding off of small fish and plankton.


Despite the harmless nature of the animal, many commenters on TikTok compared it to a megalodon, a prehistoric shark that is popular in pop culture due to its massive size. 幸好, most experts agree that megalodons are extinct.