Matthew Stafford takes a not-so-subtle shot at Detroit Lions organization

Stafford told ESPN’s Seth Wickersham what the ultimate goal is now that he’s with the Rams:


I just want to play in big games, sabes? … I want to have opportunities to make big-time plays in the fourth quarter against really good teams, in big moments, rather than a one o’clock game on a Sunday somewhere,” él dicho.

Stafford never won a playoff game in his 12 seasons in Detroit, but he joins the Rams that’s loaded with talent and just lacking a qualified quarterback.

Despite not having postseason success with the Lions, the Rams see the potential in Stafford and Clutch Points informes the problems with Detroit weren’t with necessarily with the quarterback himself.

Constant coach shuffling, a front office that never had solutions and a lack of legitimate talent outside of hall-of-fame inductee Calvin Johnson were the core issues that have lived with the Lions far before Stafford ever arrived,” the outlet writes.

The Rams made the postseason a year ago but came up short in Green Bay against the Packers in the divisional round. Cluch Points reports that Goff dealt with injuries but even when healthy, the quarterback didn’t play the way he had shown a couple of years ago.

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