Max Boot claims DeSantis is ‘bigger threat’ than Trump, once claimed Trump is ‘worst threat’ since Nazis

He also claimed in his Wednesday column that DeSantis reminds him of anotherunpleasantformer president, President Richard Nixon.

Boot opened his screed against the Republican governor – a 2024 presidential election favorite – by comparing him to former President Donald Trump and trying to ascertain who is worse. Hy het geskryf, “Reeds, a poll in New Hampshire shows DeSantis topping Trump. Die vraag, from the standpoint of those of us who have a sentimental attachment to American democracy, is which man is a bigger threat to the republic?”

To find that answer, Boot referred to a New Yorker profile on DeSantis written last month by Dexter Filkins. “Filkins notes that, ‘while Trump, with his lazy, Barnumesque persona, projects a fundamental lack of seriousness, DeSantis has an intense work ethic, a formidable intelligence, and a granular understanding of policy,’” Boot wrote.


Washington Post columnist Max Boot compares Governor Ron DeSantis to former President Donald Trump and former President Richard Nixon.

Washington Post columnist Max Boot compares Governor Ron DeSantis to former President Donald Trump and former President Richard Nixon. (Fotograaf: Amanda Gordon/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

That assessment seemed to worry Boot, who asked, “But do we really want a president who will work harder and more intelligently to implement a Trumpian agenda? Is it really better to have a president who is relentlessly focused on right-wing bugaboos … rather than one who is easily distracted into braggadocio about his golf game or his flooring?”

For Boot, DeSantis is thus more dangerous than Donald Trump. Considering that Boot wrote a column in 2020 beweer dat “Trump is the worst threat to our democracy since the 1930sand cited Nazi authoritarianism, would this mean that DeSantis is worse than the threat of Nazi Germany?

The columnist cited other descriptions of DeSantis made by colleagues. “A former House colleague said of DeSantis: ‘He’s a little reclusive, a bit of an odd duck … but he’s just incredibly disciplined.’” Nog een, which Filkins cited in his profile, gesê “He has always loved embarrassing and humiliating people. I’m speaking for others — he was the biggest dk we knew.

Boot eventually surmised that these qualities make DeSantis more akin to President Nixon rather than President Trump.

“Eintlik, the more I read about DeSantis, the more he reminds me not of Trump but of another disgraced Republican president,” Boot wrote. Hy gaan voort, eis, “Smart and disciplined but reclusive and unpleasant: Who does that remind you of? Dit is reg: Richard M. Nixon.

Boot claimed that DeSantis’ qualities remind him of Nixon’s unsavory qualities, skryfwerk, “I’m thinking of the Nixon who smeared his opponents … and warred with the press. I’m thinking of the Nixon who employed the government against his ‘enemies list.’He then mentioned the Nixon whocatered to white bigotry.

Max Boot wrote that Ron DeSantis is a bigger threat than Donald Trump because he is "smarter" than the former president.

Max Boot wrote that Ron DeSantis is a bigger threat than Donald Trump because he issmarterthan the former president. (Getty Images)

Boot also wrote that DeSantis is like the Nixon whoexacerbated social division in an attempt to mobilize the Silent Majority against liberal elites.


DeSantis seems hellbent on carrying on the disreputable legacy of Tricky Dick, and with even less respect for democratic norms than Nixon displayed,” the columnist declared.

Boot mentioned facets of DeSantis’ shrewd political agenda, including when hesigned legislation severely curtailing mask and vaccine mandates for businesses and local governments,” when his appointees who control the University of Florida forbadeprofessors from testifying against DeSantis plans to restrict mask-wearing and voting rights.

Boot also mentioned an alleged incidentwhen a pediatrician was as removed from a state board overseeing children’s health insurance after criticizing DeSantis’s outrageous reluctance to provide covid vaccines for children under five.

In addition to these moves, Boot claimed thatDeSantis refuses to say whether President Biden was legitimately elected and criticizes the Jan. 6 committee hearings. He created a special task force to police voter fraud even though there is no evidence of widespread fraud.He also mentioned DeSantis’anti-riotbill pushed in response to Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, the DeSantis-supportedDon’t Say Gay” wetgewing, his political war with Disney, and other actions.

Boot claimed that DeSantis was more like the "unpleasant" President Richard Nixon than Donald Trump. (AP-foto)

Boot claimed that DeSantis was more like theunpleasantPresident Richard Nixon than Donald Trump. (AP-foto)

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