May tornadoes not rated as stronger than EF3 for first time in decades

The EF Scale is used to assign a tornado aratingbased on estimated wind speedsrelated damage.


In a Twitter announcement detailing the extent of severe weather during the month, 그만큼 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wrote that May reports werebelow normal,” though tornado reports were near the 10-year average.

“할 수있다 2021 had the 8th fewest tornado watches since 1970,the agency said in a thread.

Thus far, 뿐 8 EF2+ tornadoes have been confirmed in May 2021. If no additional significant tornadoes are added, this would be the 5th fewest May significant tornadoes in recorded history (1950-present),” 그것은 추가했다.

NOAA data shows that the May average from 1991 ...에 2010 이다 276 tornadoes and the 2011 ...에 2020 average is 272. 5 월 2021, 미국. 보았다 289 preliminary tornado reports.

Conversely, severe weather reports were 720 reports below the 2011 ...에 2020 average: down to 2,756 ...에서 3,476.

For the first time in seven years, 그만큼 우리. had no tornado fatalities in May – a relief for Gulf Coast and Southern states accustomed to unprecedented amounts of tornado activity.

할 수있다 2020 saw a record 13 straight days with at least eight or more tornado reports, according to AccuWeather.

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The outlet also noted that while no EF5 tornadoes have been reported in the U.S. for more than eight years, 약간 meteorologists believe tornadoes have been underrated by the National Weather Service.

As to the reasoning for why May saw such low-rated activity, AccuWeather cited high temperatures that have swept the country at the beginning of summer, highlighting that tornado numbers typically drop in the hotter months of the season.

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