Maya Rudolph's Kamala Harris celebrates Passover on 'SNL'

뉴욕 (CNN 사업)토요일 밤 라이브didn’t open up with politics to kick off the latest episode of the NBC variety show, 그러나 Maya Rudolph’s Kamala Harris still had her moment.

Rudolph, the host of this week’s “SNL” who has played the vice president multiple times, welcomed guests to a Passover meal.
She did so with her husband and second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, who was played by guest star Martin Short.
    What better night to celebrate a new beginning than Passover?” 루돌프의 해리스는 말했다. “That’s why it’s time for ‘A Kamala Harris Unity Seder.'
      She then said that tonightwe ask the four questions: ‘How’s school?’ ‘Did you eat?’ ‘When are you giving me grandchildren?’ and ‘What’s with the haircut?'”
          Rudolph's Harris introduced Martin Short as Doug Emhoff, the second gentleman.

          Rudolph’s Harris then invited out Short’s Emhoff, who said he was shy as he was looking away from the camera.
          So Rudolph’s Harris told him to act as if it was just them. Short’s Emhoff immediately embraced Rudolph’s Harris.
          The two swayed back and forth in the dim light as Short’s Emhoff whispered in the ear of Rudolph’s Harris.
          Listen to me, 소녀. I support you,” 그는 말했다. “You got this, 아가!”
          The two stopped embracing to welcome their guests.
          The first guest at Seder was Sen. 테드 크루즈, played Aidy Bryant. The fake senator was so happy to be there he brought cupcakes and pigs in a blanket to the meal.
          “잘, we can’t eat pork or breadso thank you,” 루돌프의 해리스는 말했다.
          Then the biggest guest of the Seder showed up: President Joe Biden, played by Alex Moffat. He was beaming from his press conference this week.
          “야, did you guys catch my press conference? It was so easy,” Moffat’s Biden said. He then read some notes off index cards to communicate at the meal.
          After a moment, Moffat’s Biden reminded Kamala Harris that he was putting her in charge at the Mexican border.
          Thank you for the opportunity. Such a fun solvable 문제,” 루돌프의 해리스는 말했다. “And what are you in charge of?”
            Moffat’s Biden smiled and said, “giving out checks!”
            Who wants stimmys?!” Moffat’s Biden said, pretending to make it rain.

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