Mayorkas anuncia 212,672 encuentros de migrantes en julio, says border is 'one of the toughest challenges we face'

Mayorkas, en una visita a la frontera de Texas, dijo eso 212,672 se encontraron migrantes en la frontera sur en julio, a 13% aumentar sobre el ya masivo 188,000 encuentros de migrantes en junio. En julio 2020, there were just 40,929 encounters.

He emphasized that many of those 212,000 resulted in expulsions under Title 42 protecciones de salud pública, con 95,788 Título 42 removals. sin embargo, that number is lower than in June, donde 104,907 migrants were removed under Title 42.

While the majority of single adults were expelled under Title 42, he said just 12% of migrant families were removed under the public health order.

Mayorkas appeared to acknowledge that the situation at the border was grim, describing it asone of the toughest challenges we face.

It is complicated, changing and involves vulnerable people at a time of a global pandemic,” él dijo.

Adicionalmente, while he noted that numbers had been rising since April 2020, “the increase is most certainly sharper over the last several months and greater than in June.

While Republicans have blamed the Biden administration’s rollback of Trump-era border protections for the surge, Mayorkas continued to emphasize “causas fundamentales” like poverty, corruption and violence in Central America. The administration has focused on root causes, and Vice President Kamala Harris unveiled a number of initiatives in June to tackle them.

Mayorkas also said the resurgence of the American economy was a factor for why migrants are making the journey to the U.S. He said the ending of the Trump administration’s policy and the re-establishment of asylum laws were factors, también.

Despite the surging numbers that are now the highest in years, Mayorkas said the administration intended to continue with its border strategy.

We have a plan, we are executing our plan and that takes time,” él dijo.

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