McAuliffe receives another six-figure donation from billionaire Epstein associate who owns the 'f--- jet'

Ron Burkle, a billionaire investor, donated $ 100,000 to McAuliffe’s campaign in September — his latest donation in support of the former governor’s electoral bid, according to Virginia campaign financial records reviewed by Fox News.

Burkle, who made his billions in the supermarket game and rose to prominence after former President Clinton joined his financial firm Yucaipa, previously gave McAuliffe another $ 100,000 at the end of last year as the Virginia gubernatorial contest ramped up.


그만큼 $ 200,000 in cumulative donations to McAuliffe this cycle is not the first time that Burkle, a major Democrat donor, has given to the former governor.

중에서 2013 과 2021, McAuliffe has received over $ 450,000 from Burkle for his campaigns and his political action committee, Common Good VA.

The billionaire supporting McAuliffe’s campaign is also a 신고 associate of both Epstein and former President Clinton, having been 명명 된 in the convicted sex criminal’s infamousblack bookas well as Epstein’s private jet travel log.

추가로, it has also been reported that his custom-outfitted Boeing 757 with a bed chamber is known amongst his aides as the “에프— jetand has taken both Burkle and Clinton around the world. In a Los Angeles Times 회견 에 2016, Burkle downplayed reports about women coming onto his private plate, saying he wasvery shy with girlsand that ittakes me about a year to tell a girl I like her.


No woman could get within 100 miles of [클린턴] while I was on watch,” Burkle said, referring to Clinton’s trips on his plane.

Burkle traveled to Africa with Epstein in 2002 on a humanitarian mission, with Burkle flying back commercial and remarking that Epstein wascreepy.

McAuliffe also traveled to Los Angeles in 2014 to attend a fundraiser held by Burkle while he was governor. This was not the first time that McAuliffe has met with Burkle in Los Angeles. When McAuliffe was the Democratic National Committee chairman in 2000, he went to Burkle’s house to collect a $ 1 million check for the Democratic National Convention that was being hosted in Los Angeles, 맥컬리프 detailed in his 2007 도서.

The financial windfall comes as the gubernatorial race enters into its final stretch with Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin and McAuliffe tied in a new poll from Monmouth University.

McAuliffe’s campaign has seen high-profile Democrats, including President Biden, come stump for the former governor as the race tightens. McAuliffe will be campaigning with former President Obama this upcoming Saturday and Democratic National Committee Chairman Jaime Harrison on Sunday.

McAuliffe’s campaign did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the former governor’s relationship with Burkle as well as questions on whether he had ridden in the “에프— jet.

Fox News reached out to Burkle, but his office did not respond by press time.

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