McCarthy blames empty store shelves on Democrats' policies: ‘You don’t believe it's America’

남편과 아내가 공급 문제로 인해 새로운 장난감 가게를 닫습니다.: ‘WE COULDN’T AFFORD PRODUCTS’

케빈 매카시: 인플레이션이 여기에 있는 이유? 민주당이 한 일을 지출했기 때문에. 수조 달러. You watch what they’re doing every day, you watch on your news. The supply chain. The most expensive Thanksgiving we’ve ever had. The price of gas even in one place in California is over seven dollars. Our shelves when you go into our stores you don’t believe it’s America. What we do not have, our shelves have become empty, and it’s based upon the Democratic policies.

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