McCarthy slams Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal as ‘partisan, political decision designed for a photo-op’

There are hundreds and could be thousands of Americans that are going to get left behind in Afghanistan,” 麦卡锡, R-Calif。, told Fox News host 玛丽亚·巴蒂罗莫(Maria Bartiromo) 上 “Sunday Morning Futures.


Anytime you allow a partisan, political decision designed for a photo-op, it will lead to a fatal national security problem on the battlefield,” 他说. “And that is what transpired here based upon what Joe Biden as president has done.

McCarthy has called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif。, to call Congress back to session early in order for lawmakers to vote on a bill to block Biden’s Aug. 31 troop withdrawal, a deadline backed by the Taliban, until all Americans are evacuated from the country. The House is not expected to return to Washington until Sept. 20, long after the Aug. 31 最后期限.

A State Department spokesman said Sunday that 250 American citizens remain in Afghanistan, three days after ISIS-K terrorists attacked the airport in Kabul, 杀人 13 我们. service members and more than 170 Afghans.

McCarthy said Sunday that the Biden administration isallowing the Taliban to dictate our foreign policy,” and that the U.S. military should not have left Bagram Air Base, which was handed back to the Afghan government on July 1 before it was overtaken by the Taliban on Aug. 15.

Even if, 在一天结束时, they wanted to close that base, why would they close it before all of the Americans were out?” 他问. “You housed more than 5,000 terrorists in a prison there. They have now been released. You left in the middle of the night without telling your allies. You left weaponry. Now the prisoners are out. ISIS-K, we’re seeing the damage and what they’re able to do in such a short time frame. We’re watching Americans being left behind, and an administration knowingly making that decision.

There’s no excuse why this deadline has not been extended. The speaker has got to call us back in,” 他加了. “We should have the members of Congress back for another classified briefing before they bring our men and women out of there.