McConnell says ‘no realistic pathfor $2G stimulus checks, accuses Dems of ‘trying to pull a fast one

McConnell says 'no realistic path' for $  2G stimulus checks, accuses Dems of 'trying to pull a fast one'

상원 다수당 지도자 미치 맥코넬 said top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer oftrying to pull a fast one,” warning in a floor speech Wednesday that there wasno realistic pathto quickly approve larger stimulus checks for Americans contending with the 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행.

McConnell accused Pelosi and Schumer of attempting towarpPresident Trump’s call for $ 2,000 direct payments to Americans. The majority leader said the Senate would not separate a vote on $ 2,000 stimulus checks from a bill backed by GOP leaders that includes the establishment of a commission to investigate election fraud and a repeal of Section 230, the measure which protects social media platforms from liability over third-party posts.


As they’ve tried to do countless times in the past four years, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer are trying to pull a fast one on the president and the American people,” McConnell 말했다. “First of all, they’re hoping that everyone just forgets about election integrity and Big Tech. They’re desperate to ignore those two parts of President Trump’s request.

President Trump and lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle have called on Congress to approve $ 2,000 direct payments, up from the $ 600 checks currently detailed in a $ 900 billion coronavirus stimulus package approved last weekend. Earlier this week, McConnell said the Senate wouldbegin a processto consider larger stimulus checks after the body blocked a measure from House Democrats that called for an immediate vote.

McConnell said Democratic leaders sought to push through a package that would vastly increase the national debt and provide money to families that are not in dire need of aid.

“보기, it’s no secret that Republicans have a diversity of views about the wisdom of borrowing hundreds of billions more to send out more non-targeted money, including to many households that have suffered no loss of income during the crisis,” McConnell 말했다. “COVID-19 has not affected all households equally.

펠로시, Schumer and Sen. 버니 샌더스, I-VT, have led calls among Democrats for increased cash payments to Americans. Schumer said he would call for a Senate vote on the House bill seeking larger payments later Wednesday night.

At the very least, the Senate deserves the opportunity for an up-or-down vote on increasing the individual payments to the American people,” the New York senator said.

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McConnell’s remarks raised further doubt about the potential approval of larger payments. Democrats have opposed calls for a repeal of Section 230 and establishment of an election integrity commission.

The Treasury Department and the IRS began sending out a second wave of direct payments this week. Officials said the payments will betopped up as quickly as possibleif Congress approves the release of larger checks.

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