McDonald’s China offers chili-oil ice cream sundaes for one day only: ‘Strange taste

McDonald's China offers chili-oil ice cream sundaes for one day only: 'Strange taste'

I scream, you scream, we all scream for 아이스크림 — especially when it’s burning a hole in our esophagi.

Certain McDonald’s locations in China reportedly began serving spicy chili ice cream sundaes earlier this week, as part of a day-long promotion for users of the McDonald’s China app.

The sundae, officially called theYóupō Làzi” (油泼辣子) Sundae, consisted of soft-serve vanilla ice cream topped with chili oil, like the kind enjoyed as a condiment in traditional Szechuan cuisine, Hypebeast 신고. It was available for one day only on Jan. 25, and only in certain regions, 콘센트에 따라.

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McDonald’s customers on Twitter appeared somewhat divided over the offering, which has been described as having a strange taste,”nice scent,” and being only slightly spicy if spicy at all.

It is not spicy at all… but the problem is that people who do not eat spicy will not try it if they look at it,” wrote one Twitter user named @ShrimpMr, per a translation.

Those who love spicy will be disappointed,” 그는 덧붙였다.

Singaporean news outlet Mothership, 그 동안에, reports that chili-oil sundaes aren’t entirely uncommon in parts of China, having been recently introduced in the Chongqing province.

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