McDonald’s customer rescues employee from knife-wielding man: ‘He wanted to kill her

McDonald's customer rescues employee from knife-wielding man: 'He wanted to kill her'

At the very least, this guy deserves some free food.

McDonald’s customer saved the day when he stepped in to rescue a 노동자 who was being threatened by a man with a knife. 다행히도, the situation had a happy ending, and the worker reportedly escaped without any serious injuries.

The incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Stockport, 영국, 그만큼 우리. Sun 보고서. Josh Ramm was reportedly outside of the restaurant when he saw the restaurant’s employees run out of the building.

When he went inside to investigate, he reportedly found a man holding a knife to a female employee in the drive-thru area.


“The man was saying he wanted to kill her because he wasn’t getting any help,” Ramm told The Sun. “It was a very intense situation but I just tried to connect with him. Police arrived after a couple of minutes but they were happy to let me keep talking to him.”

다행히도, Ramm is not only practices judo, but he was also wearing a stab vest at the time, as he also works as a security guard.

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The standoff reportedly continued for 10 minutes before Ramm was finally able to convince the man to let the woman go. Ramm says he then put the suspect in a bear hug and held him until authorities were able to restrain the knife-wielding man.

The suspect was taken into custody and has reportedly been detained under the country’s Mental Health Act.

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다행히도, the 24-year-old McDonald’s employee escaped the incident without any major injuries, and thanked Ramm for risking his life to save hers.

페이스 북에서, Ramm admitted that while he was scared, 그 “did what [그] had to do.

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