McDonald's customer threatened to execute 'everyone' when he couldn't get a Happy Meal

A man in Virginia allegedly threatened to execute everyone in a McDonald’s because he was unable to get a Happy Meal. The suspect is also believed to have threatened several other people in the area before authorities could detain him.

The incident occurred at a McDonald’s in Stafford County last week, according to a post on Facebook by the Stafford County Sheriff. According to the police’s statement, the suspect has been identified as James Springer, a 36-year-old from Stafford.

분명히, Springer was working as a DoorDash driver at the time and had arrived at the McDonald’s just before 10 아침에. 보고서에 따르면, he became agitated when he was told it was too early to get a Happy Meal.


Witnesses reportedly stated that Springer before leaving the restaurant, Springer said that he would come back and execute everyone. The McDonald’s workers contacted the police at this point.

According to the sheriff’s post on Facebook, “Deputies were working to identify the suspect when a brandishing call was dispatched at Stafford Marketplace. The victim reported the driver of a white Toyota Yaris pointed a handgun at her and her passengers while passing through the merge area at Garrisonville Road and I-95.

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The post continued to explain that while the officer was searching for the suspect, another report came in of an unprovoked threat involving a gun.

As the search for the suspect continued, the Aquia McDonalds called to report the irate DoorDash driver had returned,” 포스트 상태. “Deputy S.M. Eastman arrived and took the suspect into custody without incident. It was learned the suspect had used abusive and threatening language toward a customer during this visit.

Springer was charged with disorderly conduct, abusive language and four counts of brandishing.

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