McEnany blasts White House leadership: We have 'naive neophytes' running the country


케일리 매시니: An adept press shop would say, let’s move on to this issue. Let’s change the talking points. Let’s not pull us back by making those really wrongheaded comments at Shanksville as President Biden did. This has just been so wrong. Miranda talked about the history of bad decision-making on Biden. We’ve seen this. He sold us on a bill of goods: ‘I’ve been here for 47 연령. I know how it’s done.’ 잘, in reality, we have a group of naive neophytes running the country. That’s at least what it feels like.

예, they’ve been in government for decades, but their decision-making just confounds you. Look at just the example of the Bergdahl deal, 예를 들어. 2014/2015, Psaki praised that deal. 플래시, 국무 장관, said we’ve mitigated the threat from these terrorists that we’re handing overseas. We haven’t mitigated it. They’re running the country of Afghanistan now. Leading just one last point, the former CIA director for Obama to say you have inspired jihadists around the world. This is Obama’s CIA director who’s saying this on the Sunday shows, it’s amazing.

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