McEnany rips '60 Minutes' over 'attempt to take down' DeSantis for coronavirus response

It’s an attempt to take down someone who is, I think we can pretty much say anyone in the Republican Party, this is someone who has a bright future in the party being hailed for his coronavirus response,” McEnany told Fox NewsOutnumbered.”

此外, the former White House press secretary said CBS deleted a tweet that provided companies guidance on how to engage in activism to combat the new Georgia election reform law.


Then they did the softball Hunter Biden interview. And in this takedown of Governor DeSantis, and I think it gets to a big problem in this country where Axios at the beginning of this year, reported that for the first time in its Edelman polling they use to gauge trust in media, it dipped below 50 percent.

哥伦比亚广播公司 appears to be distancing itself from a60 分钟report that has been widely criticized as ahit pieceagainst 佛罗里达 政府. 罗恩·迪桑蒂斯, 共和党人, by members of both parties.

那个报告, which aired Sunday, outlined an alleged “付费游戏” scheme involving DeSantis accepting a $ 100,000 donation his campaign from the grocery store chain Publix in exchange for the right to distribute the 新冠肺炎 vaccine as part of the state’s rollout.

Critics blasted the report for deceptive editing that omitted DeSantisexplanation for the vaccine strategy, the omission of Publix’s donations to Democrats, and broadcasting misinformation that is even being called out by Florida liberals.

第二天, 然而, there was no mention of the “60 分钟” report onCBS This Morning” 或者 “CBS Evening News,” according to Grabien transcripts.

McEnany noted that the country holds tremendous skepticism of mainstream journalists, who deserve more scruitiny.

And this type of scrutiny we gave to the ’60 Minutesstory we should be giving to journalism more broadly, not just when it’s this egregious, but more broadly.

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