McEnany slams media's Hunter Biden cover-up: 'They hid the story and influenced the election'

The most recent development was an unearthed 写真 of then-Vice President ジョー・バイデン attending a 2015 カザフスタン出身の息子ハンターのビジネスパートナーとされる人物との夕食, despite the president’s repeated denials of any association with his son’s business dealings.

Where are the investigative journalists?,” McEnany asked on狐 & 友達” 水曜日.

This should have been out during the election.

McEnany recalled asking reporters in 2020 when she was White House press secretary to watch Tucker Carlson’s Fox News インタビュー with former Hunter associate Tony Bobulinski, who told Carlson weeks before the election that Biden’s denials of knowledge or involvement in his son’s foreign dealings werea blatant lie.

They looked at me, stared blankly and said it was ‘interesting,’” McEnany said. “That’s what our reporters are doing. Instead of finding this picture, instead of doing what The New York Post did, which is put out a story of the facts, they hid the story. And guess what? It influenced the election because you had 13 percent of Joe Biden voters who said they would have changed their vote had they known.

“狐 & 友達” co-host Brian Kilmeade reminded McEnany, who co-hosts “数が多い,” that her personal Twitter account was locked around the same time in 2020 after she shared a Post story on Hunter Biden’s emails.

“丁度,” McEnany replied. “Along with The New York Post. And now Jack Dorsey apologizes. Too little, 遅すぎる. You influenced an election.