McKayla Maroney: I was forced to compete on broken foot thanks to Larry Nassar

The now-25-year-old — who has said she is among hundreds of victims, including Simone Biles, sexually abused by the former osteopathic physician for USA Gymnastics — opened up about her Olympic experience on Instagram on Saturday.

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You guys know I competed on the Olympic team as a vaulter. I also came in ready for floor, but as soon as I got to London I broke my foot,” Maroney says in one video, claiming Nassar knew about the injury around the time of the 2012 Olympics but hid it from the team’s coach.

Maroney added that in the past shewould never blame anyonefor the injury because she felt like it was herbody’s fault.

But she said she now believes she suffered the injury because then-coach Márta Károlyi had the team begin training soon after they arrived in London – and told her to complete three balance-beam routines even though she wasjet-laggedand not even competing in the event.


And that’s when I broke my foot because I was dizzy as hell,” Maroney said. “처럼, I felt terrible. I looked at my coach before the beam routine like, '정말로? You’re going to make me get on this thing right now? I feel like s—.'

당시, it was reported that Maroney’s toe was broken, according to Insider. The New York Times had reported that Károlyi denied the fracture, saying Maroney’s toe wasbruised” 과 “strained.

Maroney claimed that Nassar knew about her broken foot but lied to Károlyi, telling her that it wasn’t broken.

She added that Nassarwas the one who helped with the X-rays and passed along the informationand added that Károlyi later yelled at her over the injury.

Maroney — part of theFierce Five” 에 2012 and best known for hernot impressedsmirk after winning a silver medal in the vault event — she said she underwentmiracle surgeryafter the London Games.

Nassar is currently serving a 175-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2018 on charges of child pornography and sexual assault of minors.

The Post has reached out to USA Gymnastics for comment.

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