Media fawning over Joe Biden for ‘return to normalcy’ are missing 'destabilizing effects': Ben Domenech

Domenech explicó que la mayoría de los medios de comunicación han sido absorbidos por sus propias narrativas de izquierda que han llevado a grandes elogios a la nueva administración en lugar de prestar atención a los detalles de la política..

“Desafortunadamente, we have a situation with our media today that their analysis depends a lot less on policy outcomes,” él dijo. “The destabilizing effects that we’ve seen in the early days of the Biden administration are ones that should attract more coverage.


People are so bought in, they’re so invested in the idea that now we’ve had this return to normalcy where everything is fine and dandy now, everything’s looking up and you have a complete difference of approach.

Domenech reflected on the media painting a glittering image of the president on aninch-deepsurface level. Fox News contributor and radio host Leslie Marshall disagreed, arguing that thisreturn to normalcyreally means a return to a commander in chief who acts presidential on the world stage.

If normalcy means… an individual like Joe Biden versus Donald Trump being inclusive rather than exclusive with the international community and our allies whether it’s NATO, the World Health Organization, the Paris Climate agreement and so forth, and a very different attitude with regard to Russia and to Putin specifically.

In his first 100 days as president, Biden garnered much flattering media coverage. NBC’s Chuck Todd referred to him asthe Better Angels presidentat his inauguration, while correspondents on ABC and CBS compared the ceremony to a spiritual experience. Desde entonces, the media have often asked him and members of his administration seemingly soft ball questions, even when related to the crisis on the southern border, and at times have fawned over his preferred ice cream flavors.

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