Medical expert slams LA County health director over mask mandate push

DR. JAY BHATTACHARYA: I just can’t fathom that a public health professional looking at the data on mask mandates in the past, completely making no dent on case rates, then concluding that we need another mask mandate. I mean, the case rates are coming down in L.A. County without a mask mandate. What does she think causes case rates to go up and down? They have this illusion of control over the spread of the virus that they cannot let go. 

The key thing to remember is that we now have a very large fraction of the population who’ve had COVID and recovered. We actually also have a very large fraction of the population that were vaccinated. And so what that means is cases can come and go — they will forever — but they’re not producing deaths at the same rate. She calls it misinformation to just look at a basic fact, which is that COVID is much less deadly now than it was in 2020. That is a fact. And it’s kind of shocking to me because I think if L.A. brings back mask mandates now on the basis of the facts that we’re seeing in front of us, that means that we’ll have mask mandates in California, in L.A., forever. 


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