Megan Rapinoe는 '미친’ '살인의 순간'으로 미국 국회 의사당 폭동’

Megan Rapinoe describes 'insane' US Capitol riot as 'murderous moment'

우리. soccer star Megan Rapinoe had some sharp words about last week’s U.S. Capitol riot in a video conference call with reporters Tuesday.

Rapinoe, who is back with the U.S. national team for the first time since last March’s SheBelieves Cup, called the violence on Capitol Hillhorrible.

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As I think it sets in almost a week out from January 6, which will certainly and rightfully so live on in the echoes of American history forever, it’s just striking how horrible it was and how insane it was,” she told reporters, 통하다 Yahoo Sports.

A White supremacist mob is nothing new to America as people of color, Black and Brown, know very well. All the calls for unity moving forward obviously cannot come without justice. If we don’t punish this and investigate this to the fullest extent, it only encourages more of this to happen.


Rapinoe said it should not be forgotten that it could have gotten much worse as the violent mob of pro-Trump supporters banged on lawmakers’ doors trying to further enter into the Capitol building.

We should not underestimate what could have happened. I think that we are very lucky that that officer led them away from the Senate hall,” 그녀가 말했다. “I mean we saw people with weapons, and people with zip ties. They put up a gallows outside where they were chanting to hang the vice president of the United States.

We should make no mistake about what the intent was behind it. And it was a murderous moment. 내말은, five people are dead and we can’t bring them back. So this week certainly will be hugely consequential in the history of our country. Just from a personal standpoint, it’s very unsettling and scary.

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Rapinoe also took issue with some Republican lawmakers who still failed to vote to certify the presidential election and said the real issue at hand was alwaysWhite supremacy.

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