Meghan McCain blames hostile ‘View’ colleagues for her exit in emotional memoir

She is also at times angry, depressed, ansioso, insecure, bursting with raw emotion—and isn’t hiding that either.

All this comes pouring out, in great gushes of words, in her forthcoming audio memoirBad Republican.It traces her evolution from senator’s daughter and party girl to conservative warrior on “La vista” to a humiliated panelist who quits the hit show, and serves as a scorching response to those she feels have mistreated her.

Chief among these are the liberal women she fiercely debated and who, from her vantage point, betrayed her during her painful passage from miscarriage to motherhood during a pandemic.

McCain had both the opportunity and the burden of generally being the only Republicano voice on the daytime show, even as she aired her bitter feelings toward Donald Trump, who relentlessly attacked her father in both life and death. And she felt vilified by a misogynistic media that portrayed her as a quirky drama queen, fueled by nasty leaks that, perversely, only added to her fame.

Detractors who see her as an entitled loudmouth will find some material here, and there is ample score-settling with the men as well as the female colleagues that she believes treated her like trash.


But unlike in most journalistic and political memoirs, McCain is the toughest on herself. It is her own spoken words on Audible that describe her headstrong behavior, including the time, as an aimless and boozy young woman, when her famous dad told her she was actinglike a jackass.

What will generate the gossipy headlines is McCain’s account of her searingly personal conflicts with Joy Behar y Whoopi Goldberg. And she makes no attempt to sugarcoat their tortured relationship or pretend that behind the scenes they were all gal pals.

Había “toxic, direct and purposeful hostilityfrom the two women, McCain writes, and itgrew meaner and less forgivingas Trump’s tenure wore on, “as if I had become an avatar for everything they hated about the president.And that was strange, porque “Whoopi and Joy saw front and center the emotional trauma I had experienced from President Trump’s attacks on my family.

McCain was troubled by theopen disdainfrom Goldberg, who sometimes harshly cut her off on the air: “Once she turns on you, it can create unfathomable tension at the table.

When McCain got pregnant as COVID-19 started ravaging the country, and gave birth last year to her daughter Liberty, she says shesuffered from severe post-partum anxiety.She worried that people out there would try to kill or kidnap the baby. It wasn’t rational, she freely admits, and those feelingsstarted to snowball into me thinking everyone hated me.

On her second day back at work, during an on-air squabble with Behar about the Democratic Party, McCain tried a tongue-in-cheek line: “Alegría, you missed me so much when I was on maternity leave. You missed fighting with me.

I did not,” Behar dijo. “I did not miss you. Zero.

McCain was stunned. “I felt like I’d been slapped,” ella dijo.

"La vista" co-host Meghan McCain apologized after spoiling the finale of "Game of Thrones."

“La vista” co-host Meghan McCain apologized after spoiling the finale ofGame of Thrones.

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