Meijer says returning to Biden-Trump in 2024 would be 'pretty sad commentary' on country

대표. 피터 마이어 미시간, 중 하나 10 하원 공화당 원 who voted to impeach former 도널드 트럼프 대통령 작년, said he doesn’t want a rematch between 조 바이든 대통령 and Trump in the 2024 대통령 선거.

I think if in 2024 we’re back to a Biden/Trump dynamic, it will be a pretty sad commentary on where our country is,” Meijer, WHO lost to a Trump-backed primary opponent 이번주 초, told CNN’s John Avlon on “새로운 날” 금요일에.
That is a very messed up and frustrating and depressing dynamic, where we’re just settling for the lowest common acceptable denominator rather than advocating for folks that make people passionate, excited and thrilled about what the future may bring,” 그는 덧붙였다.
    Meijer, a freshman lawmaker, on Tuesday became the second House Republican who voted for Trump’s impeachment to lose a primary, in his case to John Gibbs, a fervent election denier running with the former President’s support. South Carolina Rep. 톰 라이스 lost his primary 6 월. So far only one of the so-called impeachment 10 — 캘리포니아 대표. 데이비드 발라 다오 — has survived their primary this year and advanced to the November election.
      CNN has not yet projected whether Washington Reps. Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dan Newhouse, who both voted to impeach Trump, will move on to the general election after their Tuesday primaries. Four of the impeachment 10 are retiring. And Wyoming Rep. 리즈 체니, one of two GOP members on the House select committee investigating the 일월 6, 2021 미국 국회 의사당 공격, faces several Trump-aligned challengers in her August 16 [object Window], 포함 해리엇 헤이먼, who has the former President’s endorsement.
        금요일에, Meijer told CNN that he’snot here to whine about the (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) coming in and meddlingin his race, referring to the House Democratic campaign arm spending spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads to boost Gibbsprofile in hopes of a more favorable general election matchup. (Gibbs will face Democrat Hillary Scholten in November.)
        But Meijer added: “Any party that pretends to have a set of principles, any party that pretends to have a set of values and that comes in and boosts exactly the same type of candidate that they claim is a fear toa threat to democracydon’t expect to be able to hold on to that sense of self-righteousness and sanctimony.
          What type of a system are we going to have if candidates step forward and realize that they can just be ejected by both sides of the aisle? That there is no incentive to try to be a productive member,” Meijer continued. “That you will never find any semblance of comfort or safety in doing the job, that it all will come down to partisan benefit, no matter what the consequence.
            The congressman warned that both partiesare playing this role of trying to eject some of the members who are best capable of holding on to their seats and that is just going to lead to slimmer majorities, it’s going to lead to more flipping between extremes, and frankly more partisan chaos.
            Asked if he would remain open to running for political office again, Meijer replied, ” 물론. I’m not on the ballot in 2022, I’m not campaigning in 2022, but I plan to stay very engaged in politics.

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