Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ,' a reminder that there's hope in suffering, returning to Fox Nation

Caviezel 告诉 Arroyo that he was injured while filming of Jesuswalk through the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City, the path that Jesus took to his crucifixion.

The actor had been carrying a heavy wooden cross in the scene, as did Jesus, and when he fell, the cross came down on top of him.

As I went down, the crossit actually struck my head and buried my head in the sand. And I bit through my tongue,” 他说, “现在, in the tape, you’ll see streams of blood coming down from my lip. That’s actually my own blood.

biblical drama grossed more than $ 611 million at the worldwide box office after being made on a modest $ 30 million budget, becoming one of the most profitable R-rated films in cinematic history.

But the gory depiction of Jesussuffering stirred widespread controversy among critics and audiences alike upon its release.


事实上, 一些 评论家 said the film was too violent, 和美国. Conference of Catholic Bishops warned audiences and parents that it was for adults only, as explored in Fox Nation’sThe Passion of the Christ: The Controversy,” narrated by Bill Hemmer and released in 2021.

But Caviezel has suggested it’s the controversy that makes the film so resonant.

I believe this film is going to be great for all Jews, all Muslims, anyone in America or the world. This is not just a religious film,” Caviezel told reporters ahead of the film’s release. “If we do the story right, then we should have controversy.

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福克斯新闻’ Nikolas Lanum contributed to this report.

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