Memorial Day 'Modern Warriors' special: Veterans discuss service, 'woke-ism' seeping into military

The veterans who sat down with Hegseth includes John Wayne Walding, a former Army Green Beret who lost his right leg to sniper fire; Wesley Hunt, a former Apache Longbow helicopter pilot, and Iraq war vet,; Latham Saddler, a former Navy Seal who deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan; and Richard Casper, a former Marine and purple heart recipient who survived four IED blasts. The four warriors discussed their experiences and future goals during the special.

Hunt described the honor of serving the United States saying, “The idea of any brave man or woman that raises their hand to defend this country against all enemies both foreign and domestic, quite frankly I don’t care what war it is, that’s honorable. Anyone that sacrifices their life to do the biddings of this country is honorable.” 

Hunt also added, “I think a lot of times we want to politicize these kinds of things, but we forget what it took for that person to say whatever my country asks me to do I’m going to do it, even if it means my life and defending the man and woman next to me.”

During the episode, Hegseth asked the veterans how they feel about “woke” changes happening at the Pentagon, saying it feels “intentional.”

Saddler agreed.

“Not only is the military a model for transcending race, background, and all that. I think it’s also the model of being a red-blooded American and being able to handle a joke from time to time.” Saddler added.

“Our country just needs to take a breath and I feel like the military is just a fantastic model… Is it really this fun to be offended and angry all the time? I hate hearing that it’s seeping into the military because I look at the military as the model that can bring the country out of this mindset because it’s so un-American.”

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