Memphis fan knocked out cold by brutal rights in chaotic scene at the Liberty Bowl

Details are scarce on this one, but what’s clear is that the black guy throwing bombs on Memphis fans connected with what sounds like at least a half-dozen shots to faces before he’s subdued and bodies start to regain consciousness.


“Can’t we all just get along,” one fan shouts as bodies pile up in the end zone seats where blood had been splattered.

A Twitter user named Slim out of Memphis appeared to take credit for throwing those bombs and gave context for the fight. “He was stepping on my shoes in some boots and I told him watch where he walk and he said ‘make me,‘” Slim wrote Sunday.

And then it was ON.

It was a big week for Fans Unleashed! A UNC dad went nuts at the Virginia Tech game and started throwing punches at the student section. There was also a wild wrestling match/fight at the Texas Tech-Houston game where fans went at it for over two minutes before being separated.

There was even a fight at The U. vs. Bama game in Atlanta.

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