Mercury Comet becomes 'super' car in John Cena's 'Peacemaker' show

Producer/Director James Gunn has posted the first teaser image for the upcoming HBO Max showPeacemaker” 주연 John Cena as the titular misguided superhero.

Cena appeared as Christopher Smith, AKA: Peacemaker, in Gunn’sThe Suicide Squadfilm and the show is expected to explore the origins of the pacifistwho loves peace so much that he’s willing to kill for it,” 에 따르면 DC Comics description.

(워너 브라더스)

사진에서, Peacemaker is shown behind the wheel of a “감독자” car that, like him, has seen better days. It’s a rusty, bullet-riddled 1970s Mercury Comet painted in an American flag motif and an eagle in the rear window.

The sixth-generation Comet was built from 1971 ...에 1977 and little more than a rebadged version of the Ford Maverick, which makes its inclusion in the show an interesting coincidence.


The Mercury brand was discontinued in 2011, but Ford has resurrected the Maverick name on a new compact pickup that goes on sale this year.

하나, ㅏ Ford spokesman recently told Ford Authority that the name, which has also been used on European SUVs, isn’t a direct reference to the car and was picked from a selection of options by focus groups.

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