Mets' Noah Syndergaard rips MLB's unwritten rules: 'Baseball has gotten soft'

In an interview with GQ, Syndergaard expressed his thoughts on the old school vs. new school war in baseball, and he said that he is sick and tired of theact like you’ve been there beforemindset that has been instilled in previous generations.


Syndergaard believes it’s time for players in the league to take a new approach.

I think baseball has gotten soft,” Syndergaard told GQ. “I think there should be some more st-talking.

Syndergaard has been involved in plenty of trash talking. During the offseason, he got into a back-and-forth exchange with Los Angeles Dodgers starter Trevor Bauer when he was a free agent deciding on signing with the Dodgers or Mets. Met dit gesê, Syndergaard sided with Bauer after he allowed two homers to San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. in a game this year, en made comments after the game supporting home run celebrations.


I think it’s great for baseball, and the fans really enjoy it,” Syndergaard said. “I agree with what Bauer recently said. He gave up two home runs to Tatis, and Tatis heckled him pretty good. I think that’s awesome. I agree with Bauer, that does not warrant somebody to get thrown at.

In die verlede, Tatis’ heckling of Bauer would have led to him being hit-by-a pitch in his next at-bat. Egter, Syndergaard believes that is asoftway of reacting to giving up a home run.

I think they’re pretty stupid, om eerlik te wees,” Syndergaard said about baseball’s unwritten rules. “Anything unwritten sounds pretty stupid. I think it’s very old school, and I think there needs to be a new school approach.

It’s fun, but we’re also competitive beings competing at the highest level,” Syndergaard added. “So we’re always looking for a way to get the edge on our competition, whether it’s to distract him in some form or fashionit’s exciting. People are able to see both of our personalities.

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