MF毁灭战士, 有影响力的说唱歌手, 于十月去世 49

MF毁灭战士, 一位在业界广受尊敬的蒙面说唱歌手, 十月去世, 他的妻子和唱片公司在周四的社交媒体上分享了.

他是 49.
No cause of death was given and CNN has reached out to his record label and reps to ask about the delay in announcing his death.
他的老婆, 茉莉花, broke the news in the caption of a photo on his verified Instagram account.
    She began the note addressing the rapper, whose real name was Daniel Dumile, by his last name.
    “最伟大的丈夫, 父亲, 老师, 学生, 生意伙伴, 我曾经想要的情人和朋友,” the note read “谢谢你所展示的一切, 教给我, our children and our family.
    Several well-known artists took to social media to mourn his death.
    RIP to another Giant your favorite MC’s MC .. MF DOOM!! crushing news…,” rapper QTip tweeted.
    Born in London in 1971, he moved with his family to Long Island, 纽约, as a child and started performing and producing hip hop as a teen under the name Zev Love X.
    He and his younger brother Dingilizwe, known as DJ Subroc, formed the group KMD and released a critically acclaimed debut album, “先生. 引擎盖,” 在 1991.
    Their sophomore album was prepared for release in 1993 when Dumile’s brother died after being hit by a car.
    Five years later the rapper re-emerged as Metal Face Doom, wearing a mask modeled after the Marvel villain Dr. Doom, and released a solo record titledOperation: Doomsday.
    一个 2009 New Yorker article, he told writer Ta-Nehisi Coates that the maskcame out of necessity.
    I wanted to get onstage and orate, without people thinking about the normal things people think about. Like girls being like, '哦, he’s sexy,’ or ‘I don’t want him, he’s ugly,’ and then other dudes sizing you up,” Dumile said. “A visual always brings a first impression. But if there’s going to be a first impression I might as well use it to control the story. So why not do something like throw a mask on?”
    He became well known for his intellect, wit and intricate rhyme style, which he displayed on six solo albums and five collaborative projects with the likes of Danger Mouse and Ghostface Killah.
    在 2017, his 14-year-old son, King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile, 死了.
    Safe journey and may all our ancestors greet you with open arms. One of our greatest inspirations. Thank you for allowing us to be your parents,” 他 reportedly posted on social media in announcing the loss ofthe greatest son one could ask for.
      The rapper’s wife referenced that loss in announcing her husband’s death.
      “言语永远无法表达你和玛拉基对我的意义, 我俩都爱,永远爱你,” 她写了. “愿所有继续祝福你, 我们的家庭和地球。”