Miami Beach officials say they're prepared for another weekend of large spring break crowds

An attempt to enforce an emergency curfew on spring breakers at Miami Beach last weekend devolved into chaos. But this weekend, city officials say they’re prepared.

Authorities have extended a curfew and state of emergency in the Florida city. Restrictions include an 8 오후. curfew in the entertainment district, a series of road closures aimed at stemming traffic, and the suspension of in-house dining at restaurants and cafés in what authorities call theHigh Impact Zone.
Miami Beach mayor's message to spring breakers

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    Miami Beach mayor’s message to spring breakers


Miami Beach mayor’s message to spring breakers 03:05

City officials outlined the emergency measures in a 성명서 화요일에, and said violators will be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution. The restrictions will be lifted on March 29 ...에서 6 오전.
      Last Saturday, city police fired pepper balls in an attempt to break up throngs of mostly maskless partiers on the city’s main thoroughfares. The aggressive enforcement action came just hours after Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber declared a state of emergency and set a curfew, saying the crowds that descended on the city aremore than we can handle.
        Gelber on Thursday told CNN’s Boris Sanchez that the city is now better prepared to handle the revelers.
          We’ve brought in an enormous contingent of police. We have a curfew. We’re closing the causeways at 10 오후. to reduce the number of people here. So we’re hopeful,” Gelber said. “But of course, hope isn’t enough. You’ve got to have a plan, and I think we have a plan.

          Some people ‘just want to cause havoc

          Miami Beach always attracts large crowds of spring breakers, but after a year of coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, the stir-crazy seem to be wanting to party extra hard.
          I don’t think there’s any question that Covid and people being cooped up and unable to go anywhere has created a pressure that’s being relieved in our city,” Gelber said.
          정부. Ron DeSantis may not have helped, previously bragging that the state is anoasis of freedom” 대유행 동안.
          Gelber noted the governor’s words, but stopped short of criticizing him.
          “잘, it obviously didn’t help with the governor declaring this an ‘oasis of freedom’. 그러나, 알 잖아, we have to deal with the issues as they come to us. So I don’t really I need to point fingers,” 그는 말했다.
          The mayor said most of the revelers have been well behaved, but among them area number that just want to cause havoc, want to bring a weapon or want to brawl.
          Miami Beach has placed signs on the shore urging tourists to  vacation responsibly.

          이상 50 people were arrested and eight firearms confiscated between last Friday and Sunday, the Miami Beach Police Department 트윗. The previous weekend, 약 100 people were arrested and two officers were injured following unruly crowds, 경찰은 말했다.
          All together, 이상 1,000 people have been arrested in Miami Beach since February 3, city manager Raul Aguila said at an emergency commission meeting on Sunday.

          Come to Miami, but don’t be a ‘jerk

          Miami-Dade’s Community Relations Board is urging visitors to remember that Miami is more than a vacation destination, it’s also a community.
          Miami is a great place and that’s why a lot of us live here, but visitors have to remember people live here and they need to be respectful of our laws and regulations, and understand it could be different than the rules where they come from,” board chairman John Quick told CNN.
          Visitors are being asked to respect certain Covid-19 restrictions and rules about where they can and cannot drink alcohol.
          City officials also want visitors to know that emergency measures mainly apply to the city’s entertainment district. “All other areas in Miami Beach are open for residents and visitors to patronize after the 8 오후. curfew in the High Impact Zone, such as Lincoln Road, South of Fifth, Sunset Harbour, Collins Park, 41 Street, North Beach and more,” the city said in a 성명서.
          Mayor Gelber said he just wants people to have good time and be respectful of one another.
            If you’re coming here, just come here to enjoy the things that we have: our beaches, our restaurants, our venues, realizing that there’s a pandemic so be safe,” 그는 말했다.
            Come here to have a responsible fun vacation. Don’t come here to be a jerk.

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