Autista del Michigan accusato di aver ucciso una donna, scarico del corpo nel bosco

Colby Martin è stato accusato di omicidio colposo con un veicolo a motore, concealing a death and another crime in Van Buren County. Bond è stato fissato giovedì alle $ 300,000.

Martin, 29, of White Pigeon is accused of striking Melody Rohrer in Hamilton Township on Monday and then moving her body to St. Joseph County. Investigators said he led them to the body Tuesday.

Martin and Rohrer didn’t know each other, Sheriff Daniel Abbott said.

It wasn’t immediately known if Martin has a lawyer who could comment on the allegations.

We’re grateful that we got closure for the family,” disse lo sceriffo. “We were able to come to a resolution within 24 ore, which is hard to do when you had nothing to go on.

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