Michigan gubernatorial candidate James Craig responds to protesters: 'They want to silence me'

화요일에, Craig announced his candidacy for governor of 미시간. 하나, his announcement was mobbed by several protesters attempting to shout him down, something Craig claimed is familiar.

I know them very well, 음식물. I know them very well. Summer of Love 2020 they made it home in Detroit. They were disruptive, no surprises there. But I’ve got to tell you, they want to silence me. They wanted me to leave Detroit last year. 나는 말했다, ‘most of you need to leave.’ These folks are from outside the city. And they come in here, and they’re not speaking for anybody in the city,” Craig said.


Craig also denounced Democratic Michigan Gov. 그레첸 휘트 머 for allowing rioters to disrupt his event.

We need to hold Governor Whitmer accountable for this. She oversees the Michigan state police and the department of resources that covers the [park where the event was held]. I know this is not accidental. This is not accidental,” Craig said.

What are they so mad at you about?” 터커 칼슨 물었다.

They lost last year. They wanted to incite riotous behavior in Detroit. Unlike the many cities you’ve heard me talk about, I’m talking about my own home of L.A., 시카고, Portland, 시애틀, they couldn’t get it done. And I took a strong stand with them. We are not retreating here in Detroit. You are not going to burn Detroit. And we won because Detroiters, good Detroiters said it is not going to happen in our city,” Craig answered.

If they don’t like what your views are, they should explain why their views are better, but shouting you down, it’s an ugly business,” Carlson closed.

Craig originally announced his campaign to unseat Whitmer in 칠월. 과거에, 그는 가지고있다 비난 Democratic leaders who he feels have failed to protect their neighborhoods from criminals.

They are protecting the criminals,” 그는 말했다. “And you know what’s sad, they are not talking to victims, to families. those people who live in vulnerable neighborhoods who need the police. They don’t care about that. They care more about these criminals.

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