Michigan man wins $  4 ミシガンの男が勝つ

ミシガンの男が勝つ $ 4 ミシガンの男が勝つ.

ミシガンの男が勝つ, ミシガンの男が勝つ, bought two EXTREME CA$ H scratch-off tickets from a Marathon gas station, Michigan Lottery 水曜日に言った.
One of those tickets revealed he had won the top prize.
      I started scratching the tickets when I got in my car and couldn’t believe it when I saw I’d won $ 4 百万. I started shaking and sat there staring at the ticket in disbelief for about 15 分,” he told lottery officials.
        I drove to my wife’s work right away to surprise her. When she came out to my car and looked the ticket over, she couldn’t believe it either. She insisted we take it to a retailer to confirm it was real.
          The ticket was real. The lucky man recently visited lottery headquarters to claim his prize.
            He chose to receive a one-time lump sum payment of about $ 2.7 百万, telling lottery officials that he planned to spend some of it taking his family on a warm vacation, but will save the rest.
            The EXTREME CA$ H game isn’t over. Players can still win $ 156 百万, including two more top prizes of $ 4 百万.




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