Midterms will be a red 'tidal wave' that 'envelops the whole country': Chaffetz

SCHLAPP: … [T]his is right on the heels of [former President] Obama coming to the White House and being mobbed by everybody who was in the White House and Joe Biden just kind of walking around by [himself]. I’ve been in the White House a lot of times, … I’ve never quite seen the president not be the center of attention. This is alarming. And look, the whole world is watching. Obviously, our enemies are watching. But also a lot of voters in America are watching. And what I think is happening in our country is I do think … we’re having a lot of political change over the Biden failures. Part of the Biden failures is this idea that he was ever up to the job at all. And look, the national media is very complicit in that cover-up. 

CHAFFETZ: I think there’s going to be a tidal wave, a red wave that just envelops the whole country because look, what’s making Joe Biden and Kamala Harris so inpalatable to the country is their policy. America First agenda, with Donald Trump it was working. The border was secure. The economy was zooming. Life was better in America. We were secure overseas. Things were really going well. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris changed the trajectory by changing the policy. And then you couple that with the idea that they just don’t understand America, and they never wanted to understand America. 


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