Mike Carey wins special election in Ohio's 15th Congressional District, CNN 프로젝트

워싱턴, DC Republican Mike Carey will win a special election in Ohio’s 15th Congressional District, 민주당 앨리슨 루소 꺾고, CNN 프로젝트.

The race took place for the US House seat previously held by former GOP Rep. Steve Stivers, who left Congress to lead the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.
캐리, a coal lobbyist who was endorsed by 도널드 트럼프 전 대통령, won the Republican special primary 8 월. Carey had been the favorite to win the seat in the heavily Republican district, but Democrats had still been hoping for an upset with Russo, a Democratic state representative.
    The outcome of the race will be viewed as a victory for the Trump-wing of the Republican Party, which has largely prevailed over the small faction of anti-Trump dissenters within the GOP as the party gears up to try to win back the House in the midterm elections.
      Carey strongly embraced Trump during the race, putting the former President front and center in his campaign. 그의 campaign website features the tagline: “Pro-Trump. 아메리카 퍼스트. Outsider. Ready to Fight.In one campaign video, Carey says that hestood with President Trump when he took on the political establishment,” and argues thatPresident Trump deserves credit for empowering so many.
        He gave a voice to every day Ohioans who felt left behind,” he says in the video and vows to fight what he calls the “급진적 의제” of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic Rep. 뉴욕의 알렉산드리아 오 카시오 코르테즈, a prominent progressive.
        Russo pitched herself in the race as an independent voice for Ohio and her campaign described her as someone willing to work with either party to get results.
            She touted her work in the state legislature, arguing that she has fought for everyday Americans. “Allison got to work on day one in the Ohio General Assembly: taking on corruption, advocating for children and families, and fighting for increased access to healthcare,” her campaign website states.
            In one campaign video, Russo said, “We can’t let our recovery be rigged to favor Wall Street while the rest of us on main street are left behind. Ohio needs an economy that values the middle class, people who work for a living, not just the rich and powerful.

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