Mike Huckabee: Instead of eliminating fossil fuels, we just ought to eliminate fossils

MIKE HUCKABEE: Joe is pretty well captive to the far left of his party, and he has been since he got the nomination. It’s pretty apparent to Joe’s not sure what he stands for. He just reads the cards. It tells him, walk in, say hello to everyone, sit down, stand up, go to the toilet, be careful when you sit down, don’t eat the paper. It’s just. It’s bizarre. I think you’re exactly right. I think you’re right, Sean, that that’s exactly what’s happening, but here’s what I wish people would remember. I know you remember it. When Joe Biden said that if anyone in his administration ever showed disrespect to the press, he’d be fired on the spot. On the spot, he said. Joe should fire himself. 


I think instead of eliminating fossil fuels, we just ought to eliminate fossils. That would put Joe out of business because he wouldn’t be able to continue. It’s not the fuel that’s killing us, it’s the fossils who are running the policy who have never made a good decision. Robert Gates was so right…He said in 50 years this guy has never made a good decision when it came to foreign policy and now we see neither has he made a good decision in domestic policy. 


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