Mike Lee praises Republican success blocking 'For the People Act' legislation

LEE: “I’m thrilled that we defeated S.1 tonight. This was a victory for the angels. This bill was written in hell by the devil himself. This bill would make it easier to vote. This would make it easier to vote illegally. This is the “Corrupt Politicians Act”, and I’m glad we defeated it. Most importantly Sean, we have to remember that this would have arranged for federal taxpayer dollars to fund campaigns. Several of my colleagues have pointed out to me in the last few days that in their campaigns, if this bill had been law, they would have personally been entitled to tens of millions of dollars of federal taxpayer subsidies into their campaigns. Sean, there’s one thing the American people do not want, and that’s for the federal government to be running politicians’ campaigns. And I’m thrilled that we stopped it.”

This bill, S.1, of course, had nothing to do with 2020, had nothing to do with Georgia’s law this year or Texas’s law this year. No, this was written years ago. That was all a ruse. And that’s why it’s so essential that we make sure this remains defeated … I’ve been absolutely concerned, panicked that if there is any chance this becomes law, it would be devastating for the country. This would be bad for everyone other than Democratic political incumbents.”


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